Thursday, July 16, 2009

An apple a day .........

So, I ate an apple yesterday.
While this doesn’t seem earth-shattering (call the Movie-tone news!) those who know me well might be surprised.

My mother’s lament, “You’re going to turn into a hamburger!” ..... was darn prophetic. For close to four decades now, red meat has comprised a good 95% of my weekly regimen. Veggies are OK. Unlike my mother, who'd have been perfectly happy eating fruit 3 times a day, I usually pretend that food group doesn't exist.

A coworker used to delight in telling of an obligatory luncheon we once attended – and the look on my face when the entrees were presented: Piles of fresh, exotic fruit, tossed with itty-bitty pieces of crabcake, like so much parsley.

Coming the long way around to the point ……
This cat’s got to change her stripes. Recent lab tests show my cholesterol levels are a bit awry. Hence, the apple. Oatmeal each morning’s becoming a real bore, ...but! it’s been kind of fun learning to decipher and interpret food labels. In the Chinese language, the symbol for Crisis is the same as the symbol for Opportunity. I want to “wow” the doc …so let’s just see!

How about you? Given the chance, is there any food group you’d eat almost exclusively?


  1. I'd prefer beef and potatoes but due to cholesterol levels, I too, live on vegs and fruit with a wee bit of fish or chicken. Oh, for DQ!

  2. That's easy for me to answer: ice cream is my BFF.

  3. I am a pastry person of the first rank.

    I first discovered donuts in the six grade when we moved to a new town. The father of a large family worked as the night janitor at a bakery and they gave him all the daily leftovers to take home. His children would bring the pastries for their lunch and trade them to all the other children for their sandwiches or fruit. I was hooked from the first trade. I never ate the lunch my mother packed until I went to high school.

    Regrettably, I inherited the family predisposition to develop type 2 diabetes and have had to give up my love affair with the sugary treats.

    Thanks for stopping by. Always nice to have the company. Hope you can return for another visit soon.


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