Monday, July 27, 2009

Does anybody really know what time it is?

…. Does anybody really care about time? (Chicago, 1969)

1960-something. I recall my dad being SO excited about his newly-acquired satellite radio. Each Saturday at 12Noon, a disembodied voice would announce “GMT time” and he’d go calibrate all the household clocks.

These days, our household’s similar to the neighbor whose little one asked, “Grandma, which one of these clocks is correct?”, and she bemusedly replied, “Why, NONE of them, sweetie!”

For instance, my bedside alarm comes to life each workday at 4:09AM. Knowing that’s not correct, I can slap the snooze bar in good conscience. The microwave reads one thing; the TV another. Poor hubby’s suspect to even ask anymore!
Our ultimate Authority’s become “Verizon time.”
(I’ve heard this is a barometer of generations: Ask “What time is it?” to a random group of 100 and few will consult a wristwatch.)

Because I’m nearly phobic about not being late, all our timepieces, to a varying degree, are fast. God love hubby! In our 7 years together, he’s accustomed himself to my peculiarities and will good naturedly “hurry up to wait.”

On the other hand, have you ever traveled with your polar opposite? I’ll never forget a vacation taken with a gal-pal whose idea of time was really blurry. Day #1, we literally raced through DFW airport and onto the plane, just as the door was about to close. She turned, smiled sweetly and said, “See, I told you we’d make it!” (Suppose that was my cue to start drinking? LOL!)

Mother used to say, ”Life would sure be dull if everyone was the same.“ For the most part, I try not to think too hard about the concept of Time ....except, of course, that it goes by much too fast!

And for some reason, I’m reminded of an old line from Rogers and Hammerstein’s Carousel: The “Keeper of the Stars” explains to Billy Bigelow, “A year on Earth is just a minute up Here.”

Were it so, wouldn’t that be cool?!


  1. It's hard to keep all the clocks on the same time. I always look at the digital cable box under our TV. It seems to always be right. If I'm in the bedroom I look at the time on the computer. Our family are all clock conscious and tend to always be a little early except our son. He kind of does things at his own pace but I don't think he's ever late. He's just not early like the rest of us.
    I'm glad you liked the bookmarks. They sure got there fast. We just took them to the post office late yesterday afternoon. Guess the postal service is not always bad. LOL
    I'm looking forward to the next get together too.

  2. My husband is a man who if ten minutes early, thinks he's late!


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