Sunday, November 16, 2008

We anticipate each year's Fountain Hills Festival of the Arts like children do Christmas morning ... and yesterday didn't disappoint! Set in one of my favorite spots of the Valley, our enjoyment's not so much about procuring a treasure, but simply strolling, people-watching, and of course, eating! This year we opted for the crepes -- a startling departure from Tom's BBQ (traditionally my weakness).

Oh sure, there were a couple of Musts: First stop, a visit with the amazing Don Schimmel. (Hubby gently reminded me, if I bring another of his pieces back, our home's going to resemble a gallery!). Next, the folks at Greyhound Rescue and Arizona Guide Dogs ... awwwww, I'd take 'em all!

Last but not least, homage to my real-time Hero, Joe Arpaio.

We resisted the pink handcuffs, but did come away with a new pair of pink boxers for Hubby and an oversize t-shirt to complete my own sleep set. (Hubby quips, "Now you have some uppers to go with your lowers!")


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  1. Hi fellow Arizonan. We were out there at Fountain Hills last Friday. I'm doing my post about it next week. I love to go there too. Didn't see the sheriff out there on Friday. I bought Hubby a pair of those pink shorts at the PV mall years ago when Arpaio was out there signing them. I hadn't seen the t-shirts. That's pretty neat. I may have to get one someday.


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