Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hot Fudge Sundae

Lucky ducks!!! ... 'twas my gut reaction to televised accounts of last week's blizzard in the Dakotas. Hubby just shakes his head.

Originally from the Midwest, his recollections of winters in Chicago differ enormously from my own "Currier & Ives" childhood in the Rockies ... think snowbanks that literally crunch underfoot.

If you've not figured out, Winter is my absolute favor-ite season!!! (Please don't ask, what are you doing in Phoenix?)

Ours has become a familiar joust: (Me) "Could we book our trip to Chicago this January?" (Him) "You wouldn't last 48 hours!"

Finally getting around to the point of this piece ...
Contrasting our recent overnight lows, my spirits have skyrocketed. Since I leave for work at o'dark-thirty each morning, I've been able to indulge in the "ice-cream sundae" effect: wait for my car's engine to fully warm, crank the heater and blower to max, then roll down the window. Right side toasty, left side brisk -- viola, I'm a hot fudge sundae!

OK, I don't particularly enjoy being Really Cold for extended periods. Rather, it's a delicious anticipation of becoming warm again -- whether it be a long hot shower, a hot buttered rum or simply huddling under layers of down quilts. All that's missing is a roaring fireplace ...can't have it all.

So here we are, approaching "the most wonderful time of the year." (Thank you, Andy Williams.) Having compromised earlier this year and keeping our home's thermostat at 80, I've informed Hubby that I'll break his fingers if he even tries to engage the heat. Stay tuned ....

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  1. Hot fudge sundae! Love definately are a crazy red hatter:)


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