Friday, November 28, 2008

Oh, Christmas Tree

So, this weekend marks the resurrection of our Christmas tree. A few years back, after practically choking the Electolux to death, Hubby reluctantly agreed to purchase a pre-lit perma-evergreen.

Tho' I'm wildly anxious to witness our home's transformation, I tend to view the process almost like one does a root canal. You'd guess after all these years, I'd relax. Yet I can't shake the misguided notion that our display should resemble a store-front show-stopper. Highly improbable, given my chromosome-lacking design skills.
(You see, this season marks but 4 years together as husband and wife .. and yes, the individual who formerly co-signed Hubby's income tax returns is an artist.)

It's become a joking matter now, but 6 years ago when I was a relative "newbie" at the resort -- and no-one knew quite what to do with me -- my boss assigned me the task of decorating not one, but 4 very public Christmas displays. I'll never forget the kind-hearted engineer who responded to my call for a ladder, and found me close to tears: "Oh Glenn, I'd rather be scrubbing toilets!" I wailed. He just smiled: "Well, that could be arranged." I had to laugh. (And tho' it didn't turn out as awful as I feared, it should be noted that I've never again been asked to decorate our Lobby tree!)

A few flashbacks ...
Although my folks never fell for the aluminum, color-wheel phenomena, we did succumb to "pink angel hair" ... that I loved, but left us scratching our arms for days!

Most poignant? My Real Distress after spotting the near-frozen, homely specimens not chosen, leaning forlornly against the 7/Eleven on Christmas Day. (50-some years later, I'm still prone to get a lump in my throat.)

For a period prior to our coming together, my bachelorette condo sported a beautiful, albeit small, Hallmark specimen. Uncrate n' plug-er in. No fuss, no muss ... pass the eggnog!

For reason that are still unclear, the olde-family ornaments from my mother's home disappeared shortly after her death -- together with the tree skirt she stitched with such love. And for that reason, a few years ago I studied eBay offerings and discovered the Perfect skirt, described as having been "loved by our family for generations." What a pedigree, eh?!

Oh, I know in my head everything will come together. We'll "ooh" and "aah" and reassure one another that this year's tree is the best ever. The ornaments won't match; there's no theme ... but I like to think it represents the best of our borrowed and blended family. In fact, I might wander over to eBay now, to try and discover another "previously loved" bauble needing a good home!


  1. I had to laugh about the pre-lit tree. I finally talked my Hubby into buying one about 5 years ago. It is beautiful, but every year when we put it up there is a section of lights that isn't burning. Every year Hubby works and works trying to get them to burning again, sometimes working on them for hours. This year when we put it up over half the lights weren't burning - and there are 1250 lights on that tree. He finally got most of them to burning, but we bought three strings of extra lights and put them on the tree to fill in the dark spots. I don't think he has quite forgiven me for talking him into buying the tree. Funny part is that the reason I wanted a pre-lit tree was because I hated to put the lights on the tree which always seemed to be my job. Now with the extra strings of lights I see a lot of the chords. I'm sure the decorations will hide most of them which reminds me, I need to get in there and start decorating. Blogging always comes first of course.
    Happy Pink Saturday and Pink decorating day.

  2. I'd love a pre-lit tree, although it's my husband who does the lights! LOL I'm sure your tree will be beautiful!


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