Saturday, November 8, 2008

Vroom, vroom!

Those boys and their toys (aka NASCAR) are back in town!
'Suppose I've a passing interest in the sport -- gotta dig those all-American, clean-cut faces! -- but not enough to correctly match names with numbers, much less sit still and watch.

Tho' we'll not be attending the races, and there's little likelihood of running into Jeff Gordon at the local supermarket, I've a nagging question: Do these men ever experience difficulty -- amending their driving habits once they're off of the track, commuting with the rest of us? I mean, if doing 200 m.p.h. comes naturally, wouldn't 65 or 70 feel torturous?

And given their superior reflexes, wouldn't it be a kick to have a pro driver along for the Monday-Friday commute?

...just a silly thought. :)

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