Friday, November 7, 2008

3 days after the fact, I've pretty much abandoned the notion of moving to Canada ... 'never much cared for the taste of my own sour grapes. Besides, hubby hates cold weather.

So, I'm loitering at the dealership, waiting for my car's release from rehab. Then, my eyes are drawn to a gi-normous American flag wafting lazily outside the lounge. Sure, it's edges are seriously frayed; it could use a warm bath. Nevertheless, I'm mesmerized.

Things are tough these days, ya. On a personal level, absurd and unexpected medical bills have exhausted our savings. Still, we're so blessed to live in a country where opportunities erupt every day ....and recovery's not only possible, but Probable.

You know, I recently overheard someone refer to the Great Depression; and that this generation (vs. our parents and grandparents) isn't strong enough.
............Wanna bet?

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