Saturday, October 1, 2016

Firsts (on the 1st)

Happy October, m'friends!   I'm hoping expecting good things in the coming months.   (How's that for an attitude adjustment?)
Amazing, isn't it, what a few degrees difference in the mercury can make?

'Ma' had a great idea to chronicle a 'Memorable Moment' each day in October.   While I'm far too lazy to blog each day, I wanted to share a few of our recent 'firsts' ...

* * *

So, last Saturday morning we're taking the dogs to the vet.
Before we'd gone a few hundred feet, old eagle eyes here spotted a Goodyear cop on a side street ... who promptly pulled out and stayed on our tail.

Honestly, is there anyone, anywhere who doesn't get a 'rush' when that happens ...  recalling every transgression they've made ... or might be planning to make?
10:00 and 2:00, both hands on the wheel, eyes straight ahead.
Even the pups remained still.

Not 2 miles later, DH announces, "He's turned on his lights."

Well, in spite of the dogs going bat-s*** crazy, it turned out to be a pretty good encounter.

"Are you all right, sir?  Do you know why I stopped you?"
(No ...)

"You're travelling too slow."

I thought DH's sarcastic retort ("Well, that might explain why I've not had a ticket in 30 years.") was going to get us all thrown in the pokey.  

But this was, indeed a GOOD officer ... aren't most?
Aside from DH's bruised ego, I thought this was one Memorable Moment!

* * *

"What's your poison?"
(Does anyone still use that olden saying?)

When I first came to know my (former) in-laws, I suspected they thought I was culturally immature.  
Martini drinkers every darn one of them, I'd shudder and made ugly faces.
(Chip on my shoulder?  Probably.)

Then the other night at dinner -- totally out of the blue!!! -- I decided I'd like a gin martini ... very dry, thank-you-very-much.
 Silently, I toasted the McGlothin clan:
"To the good times. RIP everyone."

Isn't it pretty?

I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel a smidgen more grown up.  LOL!

* * * 

I've spoken before about Big Corporation's philosophies ... the importance of giving back (ya-da-da-da) ... and their Expectation (that) we contribute at least 8 hours volunteer work.

So Wednesday, I left my hose n' heels at home and prepared to lend at hand at St. Mary's Food Warehouse ... supposedly, the largest such organization in the Nation.

Thank goodness I was able to 'hitch' a ride with several of my co-workers!  That part of town -- and it's seemingly soul-less, strung-out denizens sitting curbside -- frankly creeped me out.

After our 'orientation', and spotting the assembly line, I had an immediate flash-back to Laverne and Shirley.


Now, our personality-PLUS facilitator was saying, to avoid anyone inadvertently locking their knees and becoming light-headed, they were going to play music and we were encouraged to dance. 
 (Seriously? ... People, I Do.Not.Dance.)

The only thing truly awful?  Their music we were asked to dance to was all hip-hop/rap.
There's little I truly CAN'T STAND, but that's one of them.

(OK, I suppose technically, hip-hop and rap aren't the same thing, but I'm proud to be an old fogey who can't tell the difference.)

Never having worked in an assembly-line situation, I've sure under-appreciated those who do!
Those boxes kept coming stinkin' fast and the 'drill sargeant' who kept walking by, telling us to 'Step it up, ladies'?   
Why, I'd have b-slapped her to the curb in a heartbeat, except I didn't have a moment to spare.

In all, they said we combined to put together 1,920 food boxes for the 'nutritionally insecure' segment of our population.

It did do my heart good the next day ... to hear some of my much younger associates complain about being sore.
While I wasn't achy, I'd never admit to them, I'd gone home to shower and promptly fell asleep from sheer exhaustion.

Funny, how you never appreciate others until you've walked a mile in their shoes.

* * *

Have a sweet new week, everyone!

Hugs from Phoenix,



  1. You always manage to provide the much-needed smiles, Myra (and in my case, it's the desperately-needed smiles).

    I love DH's response to the cop.
    As for martinis - I haven't had one since I lived in Hollywood. Here in rural TN we simple gulp moonshine from the community barrel...

    I always admire your ventures into volunteer work. The assembly line ordeal is hilarious. Fortunately it wasn't a candy factory (I'm thinking of Lucy and Ethel). I wouldn't last five minutes on an assembly line.
    And I'm too selfish and self-centered to volunteer anything.

    Food boxes for the "nutritionally insecure". That's one I haven't heard of before..... I'm smiling. Grimly.

    1. EVERY TIME I leave a blog comment it has typos. I meant to say "simply gulp moonshine", not "simple gulp moonshine".

    2. That saying about 'mutritionally insecure' made me grimace, as well. Goodness, I'm sick and tired of everyone trying to be so politically correct.

      I'm not so altruistic, either ... particularly when they tell us where to devote our energies ... but it's an expectation. I'd much rather work with the furry inmates of animal shelters. (Then again, I'd probably be THAT lady with 50 dogs and cats running around.)

  2. I started smiling in the beginning, I think I laughed at Tom's response. I must say you put on a good blog, loved the volunteering, really, that is nice. (I DID LAUGH at the Laverne etc comment, I COULD SEE IT)
    I also agree about the mile in someone's shoes, that is a truism.

    Love ya, and yes Fall is nice, even here in Florida!

    1. Thanks, but I suspect Tom's still feeling somewhat abashed.

      You know, as soon as I made that comment about declining temps I think we're due for another heat wave. SMDH!

  3. PS Never in my drinking life did I taste a Martini. Salty dag was the sailors drink and a few b & water. Or just the B. LOL

    Now it is only red wine, to live forever you know. LOL

    1. You've got me at Salty dag ... I'm going to have to google that!

      My mom's physicians actually got her to liking red wine. Yup, I'm not taking any chances, either!

  4. Loved his response to the cop! Glad he was only pulled over for driving too slow!! LOL! I have never tasted a martini. I'm not that grown up! Yet!! Volunteering for a food line. Now that is a good one. The kids have done that type of packing with their church. They thought it was a hoot. But I imagine they can move faster than we can. How tall are you Myra? You look tall in this picture.

    1. Glad YOU did, Paula. I was in the back seat hissing, "Shut up, already!" lol.

      I used to loathe the taste of martinis - but I think that's because they were vodka, not gin. (Vodka is NOT my friend.) Pretty good, actually ... especially the olives.

      I never noticed, but you're right, this photo does make me looks tall. Nope, just 5'7".

    2. I'm 5'10' so I know tall!! No I don't imagine I would have found it funny either if I had been in the backseat. I love vodka!!

  5. I think it is cool that your company does the volunteering like this! I think that would be such a worthy thing too to participate in. I found out there is a diaper bank down here; might see about helping out there down the road. I have never had a martini, but I might just have to sometime soon! LOL with being pulled over; I would have freaked out but I've never been pulled over. I do like the idea of chronically something memorable daily even it is a bit mundane :)


    1. YAY. Let's do a martini together sometime!

      I suppose it's a good thing that companies are increasingly focused on giving back. I just hate when they tell us WHERE and for how long, you know? I'd be much more inclined to give back to smaller grass-roots organizations. (Yes, I just realized, no-one's stopping me from doing that, either. LOL!)

  6. the patrol car behind me always freaks me out. I am still laughing over the comeback about driving to slow. to bad the cars don't freak out the non-law abiding folks like it does us that do abide by the law.
    we never had to volunteer but we did have to give money out of each check, they said it was our choice but it was not, they stood at the door and collected our promise sheets and no one dared not promise. volunteer and giving should be 100 percent voluntary.. that said this was a good deed and you sure did a lot in that line

    there are many jobs we should all have to do, cashier in a grocery store is one, waiting tables another.,.. walking in others shoes can sure open the eyes.
    I feel our congress/senate and all the other crappy titles should have to live on min wage or even 15 per hour for a few weeks

    1. That's AWFUL, Sandra. Sounds like something WTSP(TV) had us do with the United Way when I first started work there. THAT went over like the proverbial lead-balloon and we never heard another word.

      You know, I've always been intrigued with restaurant wait staff. Sure, and there's many times I've thought, "I could do better than THAT", but I certainly lack their coordination and physical stamina!

      I sure agree with elected officials having to walk in OUR shoes. Perspective!

  7. You definitely had some memorable moments this week. I applaud you all for volunteering time like that. I haven't seen anything like that food warehouse before. It's huge. I don't think I've ever had a martini, glad you enjoyed yours !

    1. Thanks, Ma!
      Ya, I was surprised when the coordinator said St. Mary's is the largest such food bank in the U.S. Staggering when you pause to think how many people go to sleep hungry in our own country.

  8. Too slow? That's a new one! Loved the way you told the story!! Your volunteer shift sounds crazy! That's a lot of food boxes! It reminded me of the Thanksgiving dinner assembly line for an organization here that gets out hundreds of meals for the elderly each year. We volunteer to deliver on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

    1. Now THAT sounds like something I could get behind. Little is said about our nation's elderly because (I suspect) many are too proud to whimper.
      Thanks for germinating an idea ...

  9. Goodness that last one was funny! Laverne & Shirley? Haha. Your Tom is funny too; what a pair you guys are. I love St. Mary's Food Bank and all the good they do. Love you for chipping in! Have a great week.

  10. It sounds like you had quite an experience with the assembly line set-up at the food bank. If you've never seen the episode of I Love Lucy where Lucy and Ethel are working on an assembly line, you should check it out. You can probably find it on YouTube. It's hilarious!

    I've done all kinds of volunteer work over the years, but it was always things I chose to do. It's kinda nice that some companies are pushing employees to do work like this, but it's a shame they don't at least offer employees a number of different possible jobs, rather than dictate a single one.

    1. OMG Susan, you're right! I watched an episode on YouTube and had the most delicious giggle. Thanks!

  11. I've only encountered a couple policemen through the years that were unkind to me. Most of the time they were on spot. I've never been ticketed for doing something I wasn't doing. And I've been given warnings a few times when I probably should have been ticketed.

    1. Ya, there's but a few who spoil the pot -- and attract (media) attention while doing so.
      I sure wouldn't want to be tasked with doing their job!

  12. Too slow!! My husband was stopped years ago with our son in the car. It was actually a good stop telling him how well he was driving and wanted out son to be aware of the fact that his dad followed the rules of the road. I've never had a martini like that but I have had flavored ones. Sounds like the warehouse was an interesting experience!

  13. You are too cute! Your honesty is probably why I love you so darn much! I like hip hop probably because at least ten years ago I bought this hip hop rabbit from Avon for Easter and he sings a hip hop kinda song! That rabbit has lasted forever! Harrison likes to sing and dance with me so I remind him to be kind if I fall and break a hip! Being as small as he is he laughs out loud at me! I love that kid! I always prided myself in knowing the music my kids listened to. Nick wanted me to watch the movie "Compton" but after ten minutes of non stop foul language I said this movie ranks right up there with main stream media and politicians! I'd rather poke myself in the eyes with a hot poker! I remember being a young teen, about 15 when my Uncle Frank P made us all a Martini. Oh Lord, I will tale a lemondrop martini, a Cosmo Martini or a Chocolate Martini but I can not drink a dry Martini with the pearl onion! Having three speeding tickets to my name, I am now a bonafide law abiding citizen! Once after I received my third and final ticket I was traveling that same route when an obnoxious woman flew past me and gave me the international sign (middle finger)! As the officer turned his lights on, I drove by, honked my horn and they both looked up, I smiled and shouted have a great day! Bwhaaaaaaa....she truly deserved that! My hubby works for lawyers so they are always doing Meals on Wheels, using a catering service which hires woman who were in domestic violence programs and such. The biggest thing I love about his office is the fact that lawyers actual deliver meals etc. They just don't dump the work on their employees and I find that commendable! Keep up the good work, if more people tried changing it instead of complaining about it maybe social media would not be filled with so many airheads! One quote I love, The world is changed by your example not by your opinion ! Have a great week my friend. xo


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