Sunday, October 16, 2016

A'nother 'pleasant valley' Sunday.

G'evening friends!
Did everyone enjoy a nice weekend?

With no vacation plans in the immediate future, I'm burning my remaining PTO time just about every Friday.   A body could sure get used to this!

Nope, no rest for the wicked.   
I'd booked back-to-back appointments at Valley Radiology first thing Friday morning.  The fellow who did my DEXA scan couldn't have been any nicer ..... and chattier.   Somehow the subject of smoking came up, and I confessed to still longing for a cigarette 3 years after the fact.   
'So surprised when he concurred and volunteered, "I sometimes go stand near a group of smokers on purpose and breathe real deep."  (Ha!  I thought I was the only one!)    

Happy days!   This was the first time in the history of Ever, "that" other test didn't hurt.  Her instructions cracked me up, and I couldn't help but draw a parallel  to a Dark Period in my life:  Golf lessons.   "Feet straight ahead ... slightly spread ... no, a little more. Chin down.  Good.  Now, butt out.... Relax the right shoulder.  No ... butt out a little more.  Now, relax."   (Seriously?)

Seriously.   I'm in awe of modern medicine ... and the technicians who facilitate the process.  I study the young lady for any indication she's "seen" something that's not supposed to be there, but hers expression's as inscrutable as Bond.   James Bond.  (*smile*)
Even DH who had his scan done Thursday morning admits to trying to wield information from the tech.   I suppose  that's human nature?

To take our minds off our annual verdicts, I thought it would be fun to check out the new Harkins 16 Theater that opened Thursday ....  boasting recliner-chairs and a bar.   (All the better to fall asleep!)  

Good grief!  At only 1:00, not only were all the lots full, but people were parking on the adjacent land and walking across the road.
As I get older, I really, really can't stand crowds. 

So, Saturday morning we attended the "senior" Saturday morning matinee at its sister theater down the road.
Tom hadn't read the book, "Girl on a Train" ... and frankly, I was hoping the movie would be more enjoyable than the book.

Unfortunately, Tom was thoroughly confused in the first 15 minutes.  (I can totally see why.)
Me?  Not unlike watching a Tennessee Williams play, I just felt this cloak of despair about the whole thing.
Hey, that's just me.
We're not big movie-goers, so don't take my word for it!

Given our recent history, I've been wanting to go back to my 'chosen' church, 30-some miles north, for a while now.

Even tho' we were unfashionably late because "someone" thought services began a half hour later (color me shredding my cuticles), it was nice being back.  
Weird, the sweet feel of belonging .... even in the company of 100-plus strangers.

It's been more than 20 years since a despondent me ventured into Unity of Clearwater after reading an op-ed in some indy newspaper about its 'unconventional' lady minister.

When, at the conclusion of the service, she 'invited' (ahem!) everyone to join hands and sing, "Let There Be Peace on Earth", well, that just felt soooo weird, so foreign.   (Sorry, I don't appreciate the forced camaraderie that some congregations promote.)

But! ... Holding hands and swaying back and forth -- not unlike a company of students at a football rally -- tears inexplicably filled my eyes.  "With God as father-mother, a fam-ily are we; let me walk with my brother, in peace and harmony."

All these years later -- in a whole 'nother space -- my left hand entwined with a round-faced fellow with kind eyes .... wouldn't ya know, those dang tears still jumped in my eyes.

 In keeping with custom, James Dillet Freeman's "Prayer for Protection" usually follows.
Sure, I speak it aloud to myself on each weekday commute, but it felt pretty neat to hear the words all around me, spoken in an affirmative chorus.

Given all the rancor and nastiness out there, let's try and be extra kind to one another ... at least for the next 4 weeks?  (lol)  


Hugs from Phoenix,




  1. I haven't smoked since I was in my 20's (during the Taft administration) and I only did it for Tough Guy effect. I seldom inhaled. Honest. Even though I HATE second-hand smoke, there's something alarmingly sexy about smoking...and the distant drifting scent of cigarette smoke.
    Am I weird?

    I absolutely loathe it. In my senior year in High School golf was mandatory. I chopped up a helluva lot of decent greenery swinging a club...

    I laughed at your description of "forced camaraderie" and admired your ability to spell it (I'm a poor speller). I haven't been to church since St. John was still preaching.....and I have no regrets....

    1. Absolutely not! (Weird, that is.) Even at my 'advanced' age, I think there's something incredibly sexy about a bad boy and his smoke.

      I, too, 'totally loathe' golf, and only tried to learn to impress a man (ok, men). Maybe working at a golf resort, I'm turned off by the 'elitists' golfers with their cavalier attitudes - discarding their beer cans or sandwich wrappers in the parking lots and walking by our sweet landscapers with their noses in the air.

  2. Let there be peace on earth is a wonderful song... Being with others at church always gives me a good feeling of togetherness. In this crazy world its wonderful to be with those that pray and sing. Hope you have a great new week! Happy Monday !

    1. You make me smile, Ma!
      Sometimes I think, the camaraderie we all share in Blogland isn't unlike being in a house of worship, lifting one another.

  3. Humans see things from a different perspective, but you and I see things a lot alike. Yep, second hand smoke at times is welcome. haha. I especially like the smell of good pipe tobacco.
    Oh yes I am guilty of saying services start at xx:xx and I am WRONG. (OUCH, even a funeral awhile back, folks leaving the church as we arrive.
    But no matter, I smiled thru the blog entry. I love to smile.
    THANKS for some good entertainment.

    1. LOL ... probably the first thing that attracted me to Tom was his wonderful-smelling PIPE tobacco. (We met one another on the 'smokers patio' in the same office building in downtown St. Pete!)

  4. That one can bring tears to my eyes too. If only we could bring peace to the world....

    1. Thank you, Terri!
      From your (our) lips to God's ears!

  5. I'm not one to enjoy holding hands with "strangers" at church, but it is somewhat comforting to realize we are all "on the same page" with why we are holding hands and we are united with each other. I wasn't ever a smoker, but I do enjoy the smell of a freshly lit cigarette. However, in contrast, not fond of the lingering smell of tobacco weeks later in a car or other such small space.

    It is good to get to a service, even if it is a bit "stylish" late :)

    Technicians must take a course in "don't let my eyes show what I'm seeing" before they can perform the tests they do. Hope all scans come out with good news!


    1. That's so interesting about the techs taking courses. I never considered that, but it makes sense!

      Yes, (thank God!!!) we each got our results back today and we're 'good' for another year. (I was nervous as the proverbial cat on a hot tin roof.)

  6. I quit smoking 17 years ago this month. And I still occasionally want a smoke. Especially when I am driving. That was my favorite time to smoke. I should write a blog post about smoking. LOL!! I hate crowds too. Probably why I stay home so much. I am not going to hold hands with a stranger at church. That is why I stand with a grandchild on each side of me! LOL Good luck with the scan reports!!

    1. Yes! I'd love to 'hear' your account of quitting, Paula.

      Honestly, I'm stunned hearing you and Betty say you'd prefer not to hold hands with a stranger! That never occurred to me, but it probably explains why several folks got up and left the chapel before the closing song. Sometimes I'm so daft!

  7. I don't care for the smell of a smokers clothing but when I get a whiff of someone smoking it does draw me in! I usually go to the first show of the day during the week. Half the time I'm the only one in the show and I like it like that. I plan on seeing that movie but I know nothing about it. Glad to hear you went to your old church. I've been thinking about doing that too. I'm usually okay with holding hands and singing, it does bring peace to my heart.

    1. Thanks, Debby! Do let me know what you thought about that movie?!

  8. I to am in awe of our medicine we have now and the tests and all the things they can do to and for us. my friends 39 year old son lost both legs in a motorcycle accident just 8 weeks ago, he is now walking up to their 3rd floor apartment using the steps and can do anything he used to do. awe inspiring.
    I never smoked but hubby did, and when he quit there were many times the first year that I wanted to say START SMOKING you are driving me nuts. happy for you for the visit back to the church you loved. the part of holding hands is a turn off for me, but I did it. I don't like being touched, don't even like shaking hands and hate to be hugged. but I do like the music

    1. Sandra, your friend's son's story is nothing short of incredible. In concert with the technology, he must possess such will power!

      Ha re. you abiding with Bob's quitting smoking.

  9. I take it you're tired of politics? Ha-ha-ha. We are the same way with technicians. Tom has a way with them and learns more than what they're suppose to say. My recent mammogram reminded me again how much they do for us besides just operating equipment. I promise to never take you to my church. We would scare the living daylights out of you with all our exuberance. Loved your post; you always bring a smile. Big hugs, my friend.

    1. Oooh. Now I'm intrigued by Tom's 'winning ways'! (That smile ....)

      Hey, I love exuberance; it's just the command to 'turn around and greet your neighbor' part that turns me off. This lady never learned the fine art of small-talk!


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