Sunday, October 9, 2016

Solitary (Wo)Man

Sweet Michael cracks me up!
My hair guru - yes, his name really is Sweet - is one of the most extraordinary souls I've ever known.   Larger-than-life, he speaks in exclamation points ... scissors punctuating the air like a baton.  
By his own admission, he never manages to replicate the same cut, color (or bill!) twice ... but I'm enjoying the dialog too much to be bothered.
I only took this selfie to bring along next time and ask, "Please sir, once more."

Anyway!  Last week we were talking about his wife's workplace; Kathy's an executive with the State prison system.
Somehow, the subject of "solitary confinement" came up, and he practically pirouetted:  "Oooooh I would die! I would truly die!"

On the other hand, I'm sitting there thinking a sojourn in solitary sounded pretty good.  Are pens and legal pads permitted?  I'll have to remember and ask.

Given my upbringing as an 'only' child -- coupled with an overdeveloped case of Bashful -- my best friends existed in books and in my imagination.

Obviously, I forced myself out of that cocoon years later and learned to adopt an on-demand, outgoing personality.  But deep down?  I can envision myself an isolationist, reluctant to depend on others.

Does anyone else enjoy hypothetical questions?
One of my favorites goes something like this:
"Given the choice, would you rather break a (sports) record as a solo athlete, or as a member of a team?"

Aside from the fact I'm the least athletic person in the world, it's no contest.  (
No pun intended.)
Once I argued with my Brownies counselor, "I can too!" carry the watermelon down to the campsite by myself.  Of course, it slipped and tumbled and split like Humpty Dumpty, right there in front of God and everybody.
After all these years I've still a terminal fear of letting others down.

Remembering Neil Diamond's splendid ballad, I've begun to pay attention to those solitary men (and women) along the way.

Probably on account the cooling temps, increased road construction has been taking place along my commute.

Aside from certain political candidates and pro athletes, are heavy machinery operators the Most Hated folks in the history of EVER?

Except, like Mother Nature, they take no mind.  

The other day, while sitting at a nearby intersection I happened to look up and glimpse the driver of this giant yellow apparatus that looked like a fork-lift on steroids.   Now it could be, he was listening to the comedy channel through ear buds ... but his expression looked like a man happy to be where he was, doing what he was doing.

How about you?
Do you prefer outside stimuli in your waking hours -- or, are you at your best left to your own devices?

Stay safe, and have a great week everyone!

Hugs from Phoenix,


  1. Hey Myra, I'm a mixture I guess. I can be by myself and be very happy. I can be in a room full of people I know and be very happy. I can be very uncomfortable in a room full of people I don't know. You will find me in the corner observing. This is a very interesting post!! Well done!

    1. Thanks, Terri!
      So many folks I encounter elbow and jostle for position; I think being a (careful) observer is a rare, unappreciated gift.

  2. I would love to meet your stylist. Can you imagine a dinner with him and his wife? Honesty, I tuly would be content alone. I could be a hermit, as long as I had a keyboard and the internet. The valley seems to be waking up now that it is a bit cooler. Seeing more people out and about. Looking forward to exploring more what Phoenix has to offer.


    1. I'm meeting Mr. Sweet again November 5 ... come'on over! :)

      Seriously, I love your exploratory spirit, Betty. Makes me want to tag along!

  3. Imma team player. I would like my team to win. And I am even less athletic than you. LOL

    I was once an extrovert, loved public speaking and presentations. But now, even though my hearing is much better, I still would love to be a recluse (one exception, I would like my girl with me. It would be hard to live without her) Since she like a crowd, I hang in there, but would rather be in a quiet place dreaming and writing.
    Great entry.... I like to read your 'stuff'.

    1. Anyone who can traverse the A.T. is a winner in my book, Jack!
      Seems to me, y'all define "Opposites attract"! All's GOOD in moderation, eh?

  4. I would have to say I'm better left to my own devices. Still I would hate to live solitary confinement...I love my family and friends, but I also treasure the quiet times.

    1. I know, right? One never realizes what it feels like to walk in another's boots. I throw that out there frivolously, but 'solitary' was probably never intended as anything pleasurable.

  5. you and I are just so much alike. I spent my childhood and all through highschool so bashful I would not eat in the high school cafeteria unless my ONE friend was there. bashful and living my life in books. I am betting I have read hundreds of thouseands of books... now I am the opposite, I started to change when I had my first son for some reason. that said I do love to be alone but not if I had to as in solitary. and I want my devices if I am alone, kindle, tablet, computer, laptop etc.
    I would love to meet Sweet and have him do my hair. I have often thought of a cut like yours for myself. but I can't afford a stylist, my hubby cuts mine and has for 32 years and he can only do what I have worn for 32 years

    1. Triggers. Aren't they interesting, what prompts us out of our comfort zone?

      How I wish DH would/could cut my hair! I know Mr. Sweet's and my relationship won't be a lasting thing ... but right now, while I'm still working, he's my mid-life crisis.

  6. Myra, love the selfie. Very considerate of you to get the style at that angle so Sweet Michael can cut it the same way.

    I'm a team player.

    Having an introverted personality, I never thought I could reach my potential as a public speaker. When I embraced my Christianity, the Holy Spirit filled me with boldness and desire to face the crowd. Loved it but presently I'm enjoying the quiet, reflective path of writing, rarely speaking, and I'm content!

    1. I can just envision you engaging an audience, Mary. Your charisma comes from within!
      At the same time, I honor your recognition ... your need to go within. Few folks take the time to pause and listen.

  7. I am a loner. I love being by myself. I don't know how I will like it when I am truly always by myself. But I can't wait to find out. Richard and I were exact opposites (Opposites attract??) He loved people and loved being with people. I loved him so I learned to tolerate being with people. But I love to read and watch TV and spend time with people on the Internet!! Yep, I'm a loner. And I love it! I also love that hairstyle. Wish my hair would do that!!

    1. Gosh, but there's lots of us 'loners' in attendance today.
      Imagine, if everyone was together at the same time, some great friendships might be casualties from too much camaraderie!
      Never gonna let that happen!

  8. Wow, an only child, bashful, indulging in books and sounds like we were the same child. In my heart I've always been an isolationist.

    I crave peace and privacy and seldom have to rely on outside stimuli. I enjoy my own company.

    His "scissors punctuating the air like a baton"...
    ..looked like "a forklift on steroids"..
    You've definitely made me smile.

    As for the hair - - it looks casual, fun, and easy to maintain. I like it!

    1. Ah, my 'soul brother' from another mother!

      Thanks for your kind words, Jon. Unfortunately, my hair has always been my worst (physical) trait ... requiring at least an hour's time each morning to achieve that 'careless' look. 'Iron poor' ... bring on the Geritol!

  9. I am the youngest of five and have five children of my own so....I am use to the noise. I also love peace and quiet too. Do you remember the movie What About Bob? Bill MUrray was the patient of a very pompous shrink and Bob befriended the doctors family. LOL! He was sleeping in the room with the doctors son and they were laughing and talking and when the parent walked in they said You be Peace and I will be Quiet! I loved that line in the movie! Someday's I crave a moment alone but there is a dog or a cat constantly underfoot. As for road construction, it drives me nuts! They stand around all summer long and then when school starts, the roads are closed. Argh....I live in a neighborhood where there is approximately five elementary schools! Maddening trying to get out of here at certain times of the day! Your stylist sounds wonderful! Your hair is sweet! Noelle just chopped all of her hair off and looks lovely! I am glad I stopped by. Have a great week my friend. xo

    1. I never saw that movie, Anne! (But now, it's on my list.)
      You've sure got those road crew members pegged! Drives me nuts, surmising they're paid by the HOUR and not the JOB.

      Can't wait to see a pix of Noelle's new 'do'!

  10. He sounds like my William when it comes do doing the same thing each time!! Your hair looks cute. I'm not sure how to answer your last question.

  11. I've always been a people person, which means I'm super energized when surrounded by people, but even though I love the rush of giving speeches and being "in charge," I'm also perfectly happy sitting quietly on the sidelines. Being alone doing my own thing is great, but I'd hate to be in a prolonged enforced solitary confinement. (Is that non-committal enough for ya?)

    Your haircut is adorable.


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