Monday, August 3, 2015

Think Tanks and Crystal

So, last week I was asked to participate in a training exercise called, Emergenetics.
... or, as Wikipedia says, "Psychometric research and behaviorial studies to assess human capital."

At first, I was eager to have my human capital scrutinized.   
(Actually, my excitement had more to do with leaving my desk for the better part of the day.)

In reality?  I struggled to stay awake, especially the first hour devoted to the"scientificness of brain function."
(Yes, he really said that.  9 times.)

I needn't have been so eager.  Based on their test results I am:
20% analytical,
23% conceptual,
 65% social, and
95% structural.  
(Compared to the general population.)  
It actually read, "predictable."  
I wanted to cry.

Then - as if the Universe wanted to underscore its point...
I was making small talk with an associate who was taking a couple days off to go to California.
Me:  "So, are you and D leaving tonight after work, or heading out tomorrow morning?"
G:  "Well, now I'm thinking we might go to Hawaii instead."

No-one just decides to go to Hawaii the night before.  
Do they?

They did, and had a great time.   
No, there's nothing wrong with that, but I'd have 'brained' Tom if he were to suggest such a thing. 
Heck, it's all I can do not to begin making packing lists for my granddaughter's wedding 2 years from now!


I didn't mean to!
Last week I went looking for something in a box which had been sealed since October 2001. 
One box.

Then things sort of snow-balled.

On the bright side, our guest room closet now has room to hang clothes, and we've enough bubble wrap to last the rest of our natural lives.

THEIR memories:
I've no idea what I'm going to do with my parents and grandparents' crystal and glassware.   
... but I was happy to spot these sherbet cups - a fixture at my folks' table most every Sunday.

Old friends I'd quite forgotten.

None of us were especially fond of sherbet, 
so they held vanilla ice-milk (real ice cream was too dear)  
with Bols Creme d' Menthe drizzled across the top!
So pretty, and of course, I felt oh-so grown up!

These days, my supper usually consists of dry-roasted nuts and cheese, so I'm thinking one or two may have a new-found purpose.
Can y'all help me think of other ideas?
(I'm so 'structured', after all!)

Thanks for listening, and have yourselves a great week!

Hugs from Phoenix,


  1. There is simply no way I could decide the night before that instead of California I was going to Hawaii! How would I lose all this weight and get a tan on before we left!! I would have to plan a trip to Hawaii for at least two years! Love the crystal. Put candy in them and set them all around. Love the way they look!!

    1. LOL!
      Repurposed candy containers sounds like a fine idea ... maybe red/green M & M's during the holidays. Anything chocolate's usually a good idea since I'm not especially tempted.

  2. They were planning a trip to California and wound up in Hawaii?? I could NEVER be so unpredictable. Not while I was sober, anyway.

    The crystal and glassware is beautiful - I like the sherbet cups. And I like sherbet.
    Do they still make ice-milk? I remember it when I was a kid. I liked chocolate ice milk (although ice CREAM was better.....).

    1. Thanks for reinforcing my instincts! I was shocked to discover both my hubby and my best friend wouldn't bat an eyelash at planning an 11th hour excursion. Wow.

      Sadly, I think ice-milk has gone the way of the dinosaurs.

  3. Those were pretty cups! I thought yogurt if you eat yogurt? How funny with the coworker ending up in Hawaii on short notice rather than California. Wonder if they got a good deal on the airline tickets? I'm never sure about tests that predict who we are and our characteristics. At least it gave you a little time off from the usual work routine :)


    1. Like you, I'm a bit wary of psychological tests. Too, if I were self-employed ... or simply a lady of leisure (LOL), I suspect the results would skew in another direction altogether.

  4. Thanks for an entertaining read and 'insights'. Yours is always fun. WE are sitting here with the generator running in a parking lot waiting for the Bad boys to return from their tour of St. Louis. I did't think there was anything here but the River, Mississippi and the ARch. I must be wrong!!!

    Anyway I ti always a joy to see an alert from out there. Maybe St; Louis heat at 109* can compete.

    Love ya! Hugs to the Tom Man

  5. You're always so kind, and make me feel good, Jack ... even when my fingers get ahead of my common sense and wind up publishing a 'stinky' post!

    109 in St. Louis? Whew, not a place for sissies!

  6. I agree, who changes their plans the night before!!! The crystal is beautiful. It is so hard to hold on to things, I have too much of my own stuff that needs to get rid of.

  7. Love those elegant dishes! I have lots of Princess House and I still serve ice cream, sherbert etc. out of them! Candy and nuts are sweet too. My grandmother use to have a box of Kraft Butter Mints in her cupboard and I remember my aunt letting us eat them out of her good Fiesta Ware bowls! I know lots of PH gals who used these pretty individual serving stems for candles too. Especially today when you can get the cool battery operated ones! Have a great week!


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