Saturday, August 15, 2015


Y'all doing OK this week?  

Me?  My dear friend, Miz Paula at Smidgens Snippets and Bits has nominated me for the always fun, sometimes prestigious (*smile*) Liebster.  
... of course I'm happy to oblige!  

Pesky fine print
Those nominated must also follow a few simple rules.   Being a lazy sort, I'll pretend to print them, and you can pretend to have read them?  OK?!

Let's see.  First, I'm to answer 11 questions Paula posed:

1.  What inspired you to start a blog?
I never heard that term until an acquaintance mentioned how she enjoyed blogging.  Once I learned that wasn't a disgusting bodily function, I was hooked!

2.  How did you come up with the name for your blog?   

Respice Prospice came from an inscription on an old locket given me some years ago.  
I was really taken with the translation:  Look to the future, learn from the past.

3.  What is your biggest challenge when it comes to your blog?
Brevity, brevity, brevity!

4.  What is the best and worst meal you have ever made?
LOL.  Except for the occasional 'kitchen sink omelet' I don't cook!

Maybe 3-4 times a year, DH will ask me to make Ernie Stautner's cheesy meatloaf (from the Dallas Cowboys Wives Cookbook.)  It's ugly to look at, but yummy all the same!

The worst?  A few years ago, DH was craving date-nut bread.  It sounded disgusting, but I found a recipe online and thought to surprise him.   The surprise came when the blender began to smoke, grunted once and died.  (No-where did the recipe say NOT to drain the dates!)

5.  Where do you find the inspiration for your posts?
This is a tough one!  I'm always tempted - but it's probably not a good idea to share the believe-it-or-don't moments which occur at my workplace.

In the end, I'm reminded of the movie, Forrest Gump where the iconic feather floats this way n' that.  I write wherever my imagination takes me.

6.  What do you do when you try a new recipe and it doesn't work out?
See #4

7.  What regional food do you enjoy cooking the most?
See #4

8.  What 3 words describe you best?
The three words that I suppose best describe me (now) are:  observant, sincere, (overly) sensitive.

9.  When you dine at a restaurant do you order something you would like to make or an old favorite?
See #4 - lol!  

We don't eat out a lot, but on my birthday Tom took me to my favorite restaurant, Cheesecake Factory.  My boss raves about their fire-roasted artichoke, so I put aside my misgivings and went with that.   Not awful, but not what I hoped for.
From here on out I'll stick with steak or salmon.

10.  When you have a bad day, what normally makes you feel better?
Red, red wine!  (*smile*)
Plus, it always helps to immerse myself in others' blogs and be reminded, it's not always about ME.

11.  Other than blogging, what is your favorite hobby?
I'm still struggling to regain my life-long passion for reading.  

* * *

Now, I'm supposed to nominate 5 fellow bloggers for the Liebster. 

How about, instead of nominating anyone, I tell you a little about some of my favorite bloggers (at least those who've not yet been nominated).  
If they - or you - would like to grab the baton and run with it, yay!

Jack at Ship's Log
... Comfortable as a favorite flannel shirt, Jack and his pretty wife Sherry have loved and laughed together more than 58 years!   Jack writes, "We live and love full time in our motor home. Our plans are to travel as long as our health allows."

Jon at Lone Wolf Concerto
...  In his own words, Jon is "Passionate, Poetic and Politically Incorrect."   I'm compelled to add a warning, "totally addictive"! :)

Rick at Life 101
... Southern comfort in a demitasse!  Rick has a way of saying more in a few paragraphs than I might ever hope to emulate.

Carol at Buttercup Counts her Blessings
... The friendliest neighborhood in New York City!   Carol is truly one of the sweetest, most encouraging citizens of Blogland.

Ma at On The Bright Side
... I agree with Rick's calling Ma's place a "beacon of light."  Many mornings I'm feeling discouraged I instinctively turn to her light.

Mary at Pile of Smiles
... I think this title says it all!   Mary, too, is a great encourager who has such a way with words, weaving His truth throughout every nook and cranny of the every-day.

Anne at Phamily Blog
... I privately think of Anne as "the Storyteller."   A proud, fierce supporter of all things 'phamily', she recently concluded a month-long tribute to her Bojon heritage.

* * *

Here are my 11 questions for y'all!   (Thanks, in part, to the publishers of "The Conversation Piece" series.)

1.  If you could have chosen your own first name, what would it be?

2.  Everyone's heard of "The Apprentice."  If you could apprentice under anyone in the world for one year, who would that be?

3.  What is one vacation destination that many people think is just fab, but which you have no desire to visit (or re-visit)?

4.  Considering all the big-screen movies you've ever seen, which one do you believe has had the greatest emotional impact on you?

5.  If you were to rank the four seasons - as you know them - in order of your favorite to your least favorite, how would the seasons be ranked?

6.  What song has the power to bring you to tears faster than any other?

7.  If you could have any view in the world visible from your bed, what would it be?

8.  If you had to name a smell that always makes you nostalgic, what would it be?

9.  If you had to pick the TV personality you were most in love with as a kid, who would it be?

10.  If were were to have 3 new baby daughters, what would you name them?

11.  In terms of the actual time (e.g., 5:00PM) what is generally your favorite time of the day?

* * *

Whew, that's all!   Admittedly, I quickly chose those questions to which I had immediate answers.   If anyone is interested, just PM me ... but this is YOUR turn!   Yes, I'm interested!

Hugs from Phoenix,


  1. Wow, where do I begin? Congratulations of the Liebster Award.
    First of all, I loved your answers to Paula's questions. I appreciate your humor, and your three-word description of yourself is a mirror of me: observant, sincere, (overly) sensitive. Although I'm beyond overly sensitive.
    As for fire-roasted artichoke - - it doesn't even sound edible. Be damned to bosses' opinions.....

    I greatly appreciate being on your favorite blogs list. I admittedly haven't been a favorite anything for a helluva long time....(wry *smile* inserted here).

    I like answering questions (as long as they're not annoyingly personal). I will answer your eleven questions on my blog sometime next week. Not sure exactly when, but I will.....

    1. I meant to say "congratulations ON the Liebster Award"....
      I knew there would be a typo somewhere on my long comment.

    2. Thank you, Jon. Swear, sometimes it feels we were separated at birth, :)
      (Except, you're braver than me.)

  2. Congrats on the award :) I always enjoy reading why people started blogging :) I'll answer #6 of your questions; there was a time in church I could not get through Shout to the Lord without tears; lots of other worship songs too :)

    Hope you aren't melting down there!!


    1. I'm going to have to Google that song, Betty! 'Hope you get I didn't mention your blog since Paula already nominated you.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I always wished I could drink wine; it's so classy. Not worth the massive headache to me. I learned some things about you! Thank you for the kind words about me!

    1. You're most welcome, Mary. Say, you don't need no stinkin' wine to be classy. :)

  4. Thank you for the mention of my blog. I will answer No.
    6. What song has the power to bring you to tears faster than any other? Amazing Grace always seems to do it.

  5. Good morning my friend! I know that it is powerfully hot where you are! Stay cool! Of course, I already think you are cool. Thanks for playing along. I love your questions!! My ranked season would be summer, spring, fall, winter!!! I never want winter. Yet I still live in Kansas where the winters are at times brutal!

    1. LOL ... My list of seasons is exactly opposite!
      Of course you're right about winters in the midwest; I've a hunch I couldn't handle it for more than a day or two.

  6. WOW, thank for including me on your favorite Blogs. And as usual I enjoyed the entry. YOu have a neat way of answering questions, and a great command of the language. My sister just drove up. Be back.

  7. PS: I sometimes think we are kin, you seem to grab the answers I would give. Well especially the Brevity, brevity, brevity! I have a problem. I never have thought you had that problem. Seems you are concise..

    1. Jack, I'd sure be honored to be your kin!
      'Hope y'all had a nice visit with Shirl!

  8. You are too kind! The questions are great and I'm thinking of answering a few as blog posts. I've got to think about some of them, e.g. the movie with the most emotional impact. Three words that describe you...kind, thoughtful and loyal.

    1. That would be great, Carol ... I can't wait to read your answers!

  9. I had this put up the minute you posted it but dragging my tired self around that i barely got my post up! I hope you stop by and come see. Have a great week. Hugs, Anne

    1. Thanks for playing along, Anne! Please take good care of yourself and get some much-needed rest!

  10. Wonderful post Myra - I enjoyed learning more about you.

    So, you don't cook and you don't eat out much - does that mean Tom does the cooking? If so, you are one lucky girl.

    Red, red wine - now I have Neil Diamond stuck in my head - which is not a bad thing,let me tell ya!

  11. Thanks, Kim! During the week our eating patterns are all over the place (think Food Court - lol).... but yes, on the weekends Tom does the cooking. Lucky, yup!

  12. I had missed this post Mavely, I'm flattered by what you wrote about my blog,


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