Friday, August 7, 2015

Friday Letters, August 7 edition

Friday, Friday ... what sweet syllables!
Without further ado, let me try and expunge any lingering effects of my last post.  (LOL)

Dear Blog buddies,
To those who participated in my Blogaversary party ... thank you!  I had so much fun!
If anyone has not received his/her 'grab bag' in the next 5-7 days, won't you please PM me so I can trace it.  (TY!)

Dear Macie and Grace,
.. and here, just the other day I was bragging how mature the two of you've become.  

Macie, I have to say, the peculiar orange tint around your mouth was disconcerting - especially since you'd just come back from the groomer.  
It was all I could do not to burst out laughing when we discovered Grace nestled in the recliner, enjoying my oversize blush brush like a big old stogie.    
(True, cute will get you everywhere.

Dear Son,
I sure don't recall our roles getting reversed!  
The 'forever house' - sealed with a handshake

Nevertheless, I was touched (and a bit amused) when you declined our offer to come out and help you move saying, "I'd be too worried how our killer humidity would affect y'all.

I'm pretty sure Grandpa's up there bustin' his buttons that at least someone in the family took his advice about working hard and saving for a rainy day!

Dear DIL,
You cracked me up when you wrote, "It came with chickens!" It's a good thing you were raised in the country.  
'Not sure Troy would have a clue!

Dear Mr. God,
Thank you for your hand in the results of DH's latest scan.  It doesn't seem possible that two years have passed since we heard those awful words, "Stage III" and "inoperable."  
For a while there, I really let myself believe you were getting even with me for all the awful things I'd done in the past.   
This forgiveness business is pretty humbling!

* * * 

Stay well ... and stay safe, won't you?

Hugs from Phoenix,


  1. Wonderful news about your husband's scan! Thank you Lord! I can't believe its been 2 years already! So cute with the dog and your brush; who can resist a face like that!


  2. I got mine yesterday and ...
    I LOVE IT...
    many thanks to you for this treasure...and please look for my post on it this evening.....I JUST LOVE IT.....THANK U....XOXO

  3. The scans results are truly a humbling blessing and something to be more than thankful for.
    Macie's orange-tinted mouth gave me my first laugh of the day. Gotta watch where you leave that blush brush.....

    Well, I suppose it's better that the tint was on her mouth rather than on her butt......
    (I'm assuming Macie is a girl?? Too cute to be a boy)

    1. You're right, Jon. Macie and her fraternal (nicer) litter mate, Grace, are girls. What I didn't think to take a picture of, not 15 minutes later they got into the toilet paper! I thought only kittens did that!

  4. You lady are always fun to read. A lift after the scare we had with the engine. But all is well and we are on the road to the Badlands now after seeing the Corn Palace.

    I enjoyed your take on chickens and pups.

    Sweet. A great visit.

    This comment is actually on the road, and it is a little rough.. I left the comment to take apic of a pretty lake.
    Love from I-90.

  5. I am so pleased for you and Tom and the scan results! Such cute picture of the pup. She does look like Massey! (Minus the orange fur of course) And chickens to boot. How fun for them. I'd have to call someone to come get them. Maybe! Heck, maybe I'd keep them. As you know I love my treasure!!

  6. Adorable story about Macie. How cute. I'm praising God with you about the scan results. I think those times are very hard for us to stop believing the lies the enemy whispers and embrace how very loved we are by Mr. God regardless of how anything goes down!!!

    Thank you for praying for my hubby. By the time the kids got here, his antibiotic was working and he felt better!


  7. Our little Yorkie has this thing for chicken poo. If we don't watch her closely, she'll slip into the chicken pen and roll in the fresh stuff. When she comes out, she's not nearly as cute as Macie.

    1. OMG, that's hilarious!!! (Sorry, I guess not so much for you n' Jilda.)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I always enjoy the Friday letters post, but this one held some extra good news and cute stuff too. You are blessed !

  9. You are the best! But I hope you know I've thought that for a long time. Package arrived and it's perfect with a few other Japan pieces that I have. Formal note to come, but thank you and lots of hugs!

  10. You are a rare gem! The kind of friend you get once in a lifetime. Making me laugh, making me cry tears of sadness and joy! Just a special lady that I so love knowing. Thank you for the friendship my beautiful friend! Your writing inspires me!


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