Thursday, August 27, 2015

Friday Letters, August 28 edition

Hello friends!
Can you believe we're approaching the best part of the year?  From my perspective, Fall's still a fuzzy something or another on the horizon. But I'm counting on it getting here!

Speaking of horizons, I'd like a few moments with Mother Nature.

Nice try, 'Mom.'

You certainly were shaking things up during this evening's rush hour.   
(Yes, I'm writing this Thursday eve.) 

Still, it wasn't your finest hour.  
No, that award goes to Haboob 2011

Thankfully, I'd already left the office before it swallowed my workplace.
Perhaps you saw this on the National news?  
DH had family/friends from Chicago and Florida calling to see if we were OK!

Dear Mr. Sweet,
Yes, I knew better than to patronize those 
strip-center haircutters.
Thank you for not voicing what I'm pretty sure you were thinking.

When you asked, "May I be blunt?" I winced ...
but had to nod at your observations.

Then, you asked if I had any plans for the rest of the afternoon.  
You wanted permission to 'play' with some color - 
no charge!  If I didn't like the result, you'd change it.

I've never come close to winning the lottery before, but in that instant I felt awfully fortunate ... 
almost optimistic.
Best of all, I love my new 'copper' curls! 

Dear feet,
Once upon a time I suppose you were normal.
Before I crammed you into too-small footwear or pointy high heels.

Unfortunately, I couldn't resist buying a pair of practically-new flats at my favorite consignment shop without first trying them on.  Never mind they're larger than what I normally wear.  
A little toilet paper wadded up at the toe 
and we should be good to go!

You didn't like that one bit.

Well, I didn't like having spent good money to watch them gather dust at the back of my closet for the last 3 years.

What's that saying about a blind squirrel finding a nut every now and then?  
I'm pretty sure a podiatrist would give this get-up 
two thumbs down, but I wore them all day yesterday with no slippage and no pain!

Who needs a pair of pricey insoles when you've 
olden peds at the ready? 

Dear co-worker,
Sometimes the generation gap cracks me up!
I've never seen a single episode of "The Sopranos" -
but when you happened to remark how much you enjoyed it,
I invited you to sit down and tell me what was all that controversy about its finale.

"Hmmm", I surmised. "Almost a 'Lady or the Tiger' situation." which you replied, 
"I don't think I've seen that one.  Who was in it?"

Dear Mr. God,
It's been 4 weeks now, one of Blogville's own has gone missing.
I know you've got this covered, 
... but I'm worried.
Thank you for letting her know that she and her family are in my thoughts and prayers.


Have a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend, everyone!



  1. Oh how I love Friday Letters. That was some humdinger of a dust storm wasn't it? Looked scary too! I think your shoe inserts are the bomb!! Very pretty/stylish. I want to see a picture of the copper curls. I bet someone would like to get their hands on this old grey head and bring about a change. Hope your Blog friend reappears soon. That is so frightening when someone just disappears isn't it? Have a good weekend my friend!!!!!

    1. Thanks, Paula! I'll try and do a (non-frightening) selfie to send. Wouldn't it be great fun to spend a 'spa day' together? Fortunately, your grey looks good on you. My complexion, not so much. At my age, I suspect it's all about illusion! :)

    2. I just read something in a book that compares vanity to dignity. I imagine that would fit how we feel about ourselves now!! Loved the picture.

  2. Those dust storms have got to be really scary! I also heard Phoenix got a lot of rain tonight. Glad you like your copper curls :) Always good to find a pair of shoes you had that still work :)

    Now I'm curious who the blog friend is; hope they resurface soon!!


    1. Ya, it felt pretty weird filling my car's gas tank with all the wind and dust. Come to find out Luke AFB (near our house) clocked 60 mph winds!
      Thanks for your good wishes!

  3. These are fantastic - and the first two are especially hilarious. Copper curls sound very nice to me.

    As for feet - I used to have nice ones until they became ravaged from all the weird boots I've worn over the years. Now I have bunions that are laughing at me.

    I experienced lots of horrific haboobs (I love that word) when I lived in west Texas. I didn't know that Phoenix had such bad ones. That was massive!

    I, too, have been worried about Tarryterre. It's not like her to be gone for this long. She was always the first one to leave comments on my blog posts.

    You have a big heart and a kind soul, Myra. That's refreshing.

    1. Laughing bunions? No doubt they're a royal pain, but the concept is pretty funny! I'm thinking they would make a great comic strip?

  4. I love your letters, Myra. You always make me smile and that's a rare gift.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Dayle! Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. I too have missed this blogger and thought that maybe they'd taken the anniversary trip she had mentioned at one time. Hope we hear from her soon.

  6. I always love this. You make it fun to read.

    Oh and I have never seen a dust storm. Never, NEVER, in my wildest dreams could I picture something like that when I heard 'dust storm', I could see a little wind and three or four minutes of dust! That is a WOW!
    Love from NC

    1. Well, that was anomaly for sure; but yes, our dust storms can be frightening. The I-10 corridor between Phoenix and Tucson is particularly prone to blinding dust during monsoon season. I think it's pretty interesting that the media is all the time reminding folks to get off the road and TURN OFF their lights.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Hey, Girlfriend:
    I come to bring good news. The cute guy and I went up to Flagstaff today through Oak Creek and we were amazed at the preview of fall.Leaves not actually falling but drying up and turning just a bit.....cooler temps are around the corner. I would love to see your copper hair. Wow, you were blessed at the salon! Oh, be careful. Those dust storms I've seen on the news are lethal. Stay safe, my friend!

    1. Oh, I'd love to take that drive!
      'Just might be do-able to restore the spirit!

  8. I would love to see those cooper curls! Sometime there are little blessings in our lives we otherwise miss! Your letters are something else. I sure love reading them! Sharon's cake, the book cake, was so delightful. Her little great nephew who is 3 1/2 was trimming all the extra sweetness of icing off his slice. LOL! Her niece Monae also made Not Your Mothers Banana Pudding, oh Lord, decadence! Be careful in those dust storms, and always keep writing and smiling. Hugs.

    1. You're sure right about little, unexpected blessings!
      That banana pudding recipe is still swirling around my mind's taste buds!

  9. Stopping by to say hi from St. Louis.

    1. Hi, St. Louis! Thanks for stopping by!

  10. My wife changes her hair color from time to time. She blonde now but she's been many colors in between.
    Autumn is inching toward us each day.
    That dust storm was amazing.

    1. One of the loveliest autumns I've ever witnessed occurred while in Alabama one remarkable November. You guys really out-did yourselves! :)

  11. I'm looking forward to the Fall weather. I cannot believe that dust storm!!! Hope your having a lovely week.


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