Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Trump Syndrome

Dang, I did it again.
More times than I wish were so, I made a disparaging remark about one of DH's friends. In short, (I think) the man's an insufferable egoist; someone with whom I'd rather not share my leisure hours.

Rather than take offense (well, not much), DH's usual response is, "I just don't understand."    

See, he totally 'gets' there's another man in my life.
A egoist.  Some might say, 'insufferable.'

While I've never met 'the Donald', I'm captivated by Mr. Trump.
Obviously, it's not his dashing good looks (LOL).   His fortune is enviable, sure.
But, it's that elusive 'ish' factor that intrigues.

I'm at a loss to define it, but you know the feeling you get when someone walks in the room and almost unconsciously, everyone straightens their shoulders and stands a little taller?   ... someone who challenges you to be better than you are.

A few years ago - before Trump lost his bid to bring a high-rise hotel/office building to Phoenix's Camelback corridor - I'd daydream about working for the Trump organization.   Mostly, I was curious to see if his standards for service excellence actually translated down the line.
... or, if like many other (hypothetical) organizations, you've folks who are just there to collect a paycheck.

I like what Trump has to say about those who call him, 'lucky.'
"Luck only comes from working hard.  If your work pays off - which it most likely will - people might say you're just lucky. Maybe so, because you're lucky enough to have the brains to work hard!"

Then, there's the brothers Busch.
Talented?  Educated?  You bet!
Still, their egos are off-putting to many.   I'm accustomed to getting the odd look when the talk turns to NASCAR and I mention liking Kurt and Kyle.  
I was shocked and saddened to learn Kurt had been indefinitely suspended by NASCAR following allegations of abuse by a former girlfriend.   Excuse me, but whatever happened to 'innocent until proven guilty?'   Even this week, after Delaware's DA declined to press charges for lack of evidence, he remains on 'indefinite probation.'      
(.........Sorry, for going off on a tangent here!)

I'm still puzzled why people feel so strongly about Trump and the Busch boys.
From what I've read, they're all likable fellas ... only they're in an enviable position not to have to take garbage from anyone.    A friend of a friend's wife's daughter (how's that for 6 degrees of separation?) once came upon Mr. Trump in NYC and asked for an autograph.  She said he couldn't have been nicer.

Maybe, just maybe ... unlike DH's friend, I'm supposing they've earned their egos.  Call me envious, but it takes more than a fancy job or a luxury car to turn my head.

Have you a special someone you look up to?
Would your best friend agree... or regard you as if you just sprouted a second head?!

Thanks for stopping by!  I appreciate you!

Hugs from Phoenix,


  1. I think you are right, men like Donald Trump do "earn" their ego; maybe its just an extra dose of self confidence, but they had to do something that set them apart, even with the hard work, to succeed like they have succeeded. Somewhere along the way they learned they had to take charge and then took charge. Kind of like doctors. They can be pompous "behinds" but they have to be like that due to the nature of their work, they have to be able to think quick and act quicker. Does that define a big ego or just competence?

    I'm glad I'm not the only one that makes disparaging remarks (I need to work better on not making them, LOL) but usually mine are about hubby's family.

    Beautiful weather you've been having I think :)


  2. I suppose the folks I look up to are closer to home. My parents, and my grandfather (who is long gone from this world.) I've really been blessed when it comes to family.

    I never did care much for Donald Trump....not that I dislike him, I just don't connect. And the racers? I am not sure I've even heard of them! lol

  3. You've given us a lot to ponder. I don't know a thing about the Busch brothers, so I'll pass. I've always liked Trump. He's widely hated because of is wealth and egotism - - but also because he strongly leans towards conservatism. All conservatives are loathed.

    Unfortunately I've never had an ego. I know from experience that confidence will get you everywhere. Without it you're doomed.

    I used to admire wealthy, successful people - until I got to know them in Hollywood. Believe me, they are just as screwed up, unstable, and unhappy as the rest of us. But they are able to be that way with style........

  4. Jon mentioned something that is important, confuisng confidence with ego. I have done that.

    Oh yeah, that is a touchy thing, the disparging remarks about ..... someone on the other's 'like list'.

    Egotists come in separate groups methinks. The ones who think they are better or smater, and those that KNOW they are better and smarter ( they have proven the smarter in life).

    I have a couple friends I have always looked up to. I don't think one feels the same, the other does. We were teen agers together. Yeah I look up to 'em both. Both have egos, both are intelligent. I don't get to spend time with them, but that may change soon. fingers crossed.

    Love from central Florida

  5. I like Donald. I want you to work for him too so I know if he is the real deal. He's a good talker!

    At the risk of sounding corny, I have admired my former boss these last 20 years. He worked his way up, made his millions, NEVER raised his voice, loves people, and is down to earth. Just spoke with him on the phone 2 days ago; just like always we talked about our kids & grand kids. It was a privilege to work in his company with such integrity. Luv ya!

  6. I always thought well of The Donald because he knows how to land on his feet. Read his book "The Art of the Deal" sometime. It's really interesting.

    I always looked up to my first boss, who owned the catering company I worked for. He was a hard man, but fair. A lot of the girls didn't care for him but I learned a lot about running a company and how to deal with employees because of him. I admired him a great deal. Plus, he was wealthy but didn't act it - he was very down-to-earth.

  7. Richard had an attitude much like The Donald at times. Maybe that is why I didn't like him when I first met him. LOL!

  8. I am just always loving these posts. You write in such a unique style I feel like I have known you for always and forever. The Donald has certainly been able to work through all his business disasters. I wish the government treated individuals as well as they do the corporate world though. I am enjoying catching up with you.

  9. I so enjoy your posts! I feel as though I have known you always and forever. The Donald has certainly landed on his feet after so many business disasters. I just wish the government treated individuals as well as they do corporations when they file bankruptcy. We are losers, they are winners. I just will never understand it. The best boss I ever had was Mary Shomer. She was the Pueblo County Treasurer when I was young and naive. She demanded hard work but she was honest and fair. I admired her because she kept her son when others encouraged her to dump him in a mental institute because he was disabled. She had the bluest hair ever and she was no young chick! But she respected you if you respected her. employers are few and far between in that realm today. Thanks for helping me remember my very first job.


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