Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Cheesecake, carnations 'n buckets

Happy St. Paddy's birthday to me!

Normally, I try to keep my vital stats low key.
Then again, given the roads I've traveled - many of them unpaved - I'm sort of awed to be here.

So, I claimed a 'mental health' day off, and a little later DH is taking me to the Promised Land (i.e., Cheesecake Factory).

...and, I'm thinking to stop and buy myself a green carnation.  Some may recall, I really dislike hothouse 'cut' flowers.  Except carnations.   Family legend has it, I received my first green corsage as a toddler - a tradition my father observed each year until his death some 30 years later.

I'm not one for a lot of celebration, and in fact, have never tasted green beer. This year I'm feeling particularly reflective.  There are decisions to be weighed and timelines needing drafted.  It almost feels like New Years Eve all over again.

What better time than to re-visit my original bucket list!
While a few still qualify as 'possible', I suppose it's time I shelve the Improbable.

In no particular order, my 'for realsies' Bucket List  ...

  1. Watch the sunrise from a front-row bench at Grand Canyon's north rim
  2. Enjoy a trans-Atlantic cruise
  3. Revisit Austria, as an adult ... and perhaps take a whirl on a luge
  4. Shuffle and stutter-step my way around Rockefeller Center's ice rink
  5. Experience a Girl's Get-away with a few close friends, tbd ( ...any takers?)
  6. Return to Tuscany
  7. Hop a horse-drawn carriage for a leisurely evening ride through Central Park
  8. Observe the fire boats turning Chicago's river kelly green, then nosh at Billy Goat's
  9. RV across this great US of A and (hopefully) meet you ... and you ... and you over there! :)

You'd think I could come up with more than these 9, wouldn't you?
To be honest, I've had some improbably-incredible Life Experiences - unsolicited, all.  Some leave me appreciative ...others embarrassed ... all humbling.  

In closing, I love what the author Sarah ban Breathnach has to say about birthdays.  Perhaps you might, as well?

".....Many people who love you will try, but no-one can celebrate your birthday exactly the way you need for it to be observed. 
That’s because no-one knows the year you’ve just completed; no one else has lived it."

True that.

Thank you for being a part of my life!

Hugs from Phoenix!


  1. Okay, I expected a good entry (and got it). When I was a drinker, I NEVER had green beer. Looking back I do not know why? Was I never in a bar on St. Pady's day? Not likely. LOL

    I do like your list (except the ice skating) althought I do wish I had learned to ice skate, it looks like fun. I wish there were traditions in our family, but I cannot think of one, but I love the idea of the Green Carnation.
    Maybe you should be careful at the CC Factory, YOU ARE LOOKING A LITTLE GREEN AROUND THE GILLS TODAY!
    Love from Florida (I do so agree with the quote about the birthday!)

  2. Love that quote! I truly hope you get to have every wish on that bucket list. I've seen the Chicago River dyed green and tasted green beer. Would love a carriage ride in Central Park too!

    I had no idea you longed for a girlfriend's weekend getaway. You would be fun to do this with.

    Happy birthday, Myra. And I hope all the planning you are doing goes smooth. Love you girl!

  3. I always wanted to ice skate. I tell my grands that when I am reincarnated I will be a famous figure skater! LOL Maybe I will find you at Rockefeller Center! Happy Birthday Myra. I hope it is everything you are wishing for.

  4. Great bucket list. I have experienced only one of your wishes. Seeing Chicago's river kelly green. It is a sight to behold, it's true. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Enjoy simple pleasures today and maybe the rest will follow.

  5. Happy, happy birthday wishes. I'm dreaming of a cruise on the Queen Mary across the Atlantic. Definitely on my list, too. Now for the Girl Friends getaway... maybe we can make that a reality next winter. I've got Arizona in my dreams.

  6. Happy birthday to you and many more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Happy birthday!!! How cool to be born on St. Patrick's Day! And good for you for taking the day off! Enjoy (or if you already did go, hope you enjoyed) the Cheesecake Factory. How sweet with the carnations and your dad! I do hope you found a green one if you went looking! Great bucket list of ideas too; so many of them are so doable too! Count me in if you ever decide on a girls getaway!!


  8. That's a wonderful Bucket List and I hope all your dreams will be realized - - and I love the quote that you included. I never drank green beer (as far as I can remember....) and I didn't know there are green carnations.
    But, I still believe that the moon is made of green cheese.

    I hope you had a fantastic day, Myra. Happy Birthday!

  9. Wow - I'd like to do everything on your bucket list - GREAT list!! I've been to Billy Goat's - did you ever read my post about it? http://snugharborbay.blogspot.com/2012/09/stone-faced-and-billy-goat-tavern.html

    I saw some photos yesterday of them turning the river green. However, I'd never want to fight the crowds and be down there on St. Pats Day.

  10. Mental health days are wonderful and a trip to the Cheese cake factory is nice too. Birthdays are worth celebrating. In fact every day is and I try to do so. Your bucket list looks to be full of fun things to do and I hope you can start crossing off things on your 'to do' list soon.

  11. What a darn good day you had! Your bucket list sounds wonderful. I hope that you and DH will be able to see and do as many of these as possible! We're caught in a rut of work, and no play right now, so seeing your list has made me rethink mine. I can, from experience, highly recommend the rv trip across America. We didn't see or do enough of it. Yet!!

  12. Are you sure you have not had any green beer? LOL! Great post as usual Myra. I like this bucket list. I am going to introduce you to my middle Rebekah! That girl wants to take her dad to the Greta Barrier Reef to scuba dive. Knowing I am deathly afraid of water that deep, she knows I will pass! A girls getaway! Yes, it is something to think about. Now you can always bring Tom and come to Vegas in August. I know how much you love the ultra heat! Hee Hee. We do the phamily trip and my son in law's oldest Christal told me tonight she is thinking of driving with her hubby and three kids. My hubby surprised me with this trip. He knows I love to travel anywhere I can and he had a lot of overtime so...Something to think about. Hugs

  13. Sorry I missed your birthday. Hope you had a good one.

  14. Hello, Myra, and thanks so much for stopping by. I really love you "list" and I'm in for all of it. heheh
    Your husband is nice looking and your son looks just like him.

  15. Hoping the birthday was great...:)


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