Monday, March 24, 2014

Smiling at strangers

So, some of you may have spotted an embarrassingly-unattractive picture of me out on Facebook recently.
"Looks as if you were having an abysmal time.", a co-worker remarked.

Instinctively, I knew better than to attend hubby's reunion, where I knew no-one.

Then again, observing my facial expression and slumped posture it's little wonder no-one sought me out for further conversation!
My parents had a pet name for me when I'd get 'that' look:  'Josie Martinez.'   I've no idea where it came from, but wow.  My 3-year old self would howl in rage -- or most likely, embarrassment.

When necessary (um, that would be my workplace), I consider myself fluent at faking an extroverted presence.

Left to my own devices, however, I don't much enjoy spending time with more than 2-3 persons at a time.   
Still, that doesn't excuse my channeling 'Josie.'         

I suppose most everyone's nervous in unfamiliar situations.  
The only difference is, if I'm nervous and excited I wind up chattering on and on and on
.... then beat myself up afterwards for talking too much.

Oops!   I strayed off topic there for a moment.

For years now, I've been Really Intrigued  why some folks find it difficult to smile at others - or simply offer a 'Good morning' greeting.    Mind you, I'm not talking about jumping in someone's path like a zealous timeshare or used car salesman!
The worst offenders?
My vote goes out to those real-life denizens of Gray's Anatomy.   Last year when DH was in and out of hospitals, I'd find myself sharing an elevator with 'med folk'... all of who'd studiously examine the ceiling ... the floor ... the shiny walls.   
Ya, I get it.   You've serious business going on; the stuff of life and death.   Maybe you hate your job. 
.....But would it kill you to smile back? 

I probably gathering molehills over here, still trying to over-compensate for that pill, Josie.

Rather than asking if you find it natural to smile at strangers -- bloggers are some of the nicest people on the planet! ..... am I missing the obvious? my naivety showing?

Wishing you a sweet week, and as always .....
 "Hugs from Phoenix!"



  1. Ok, here's an interesting observation... In Chicago, where I live, people walk past each other on the street and rarely acknowledge each other. People will look anywhere but at each other.

    And yet, in Kentucky, where our lake house is, everyone smiles and waves hello to anybody, even perfect strangers, they pass on the street. Even driving down the block we wave hello to anyone. It's like 2 totally different cultures.

  2. Not only am I a 'smiler at strangers', but I am an RN. So shame on those med folks you ran into.

  3. Life and 'not hearing' has change me. I would rather spend time with one or at most two.

    But to the subject. YES I smile at strangers, even start conversations that my Sherry must finish because I do not understand the person with whom I started the conversation.

    I am never disappointed here. You always give a good read, and put me where I have been at times. I once attended an office thing with my wife, she was receiving an award. I sat there like a knot on a log, sorta ruined HER day. All the apologizes in the world don't go back and fix what I messed up. I am sure you did not come close to that.
    I wish for the 'Do Over ' button in life, but have a hard time finding it. (smile)
    In your case, I think you were just being real.

    Love from central Florida! This is a great place to visit. Thanks.

  4. I'm with you around people I don't know well; I tend to talk too much too and then worry about it later that I talked too much, LOL :)

    Hubby is really good about saying hi to people when he's out walking the dog and runs into others walking. Most say hi back. I will say hi when I'm out alone walking, but if he's with me, I let him be the friendly one, LOL.

    I don't think it is a slight about the medical people being in their own world when you were in the elevator with them; some are so busy and have so much on their minds, they are probably just trying to get a moment or two to themselves before they move on to their next "assignment". Still, it wouldn't hurt for them to at least nod or acknowledge a greeting.


  5. I bet you do smile at strangers. I do too. I may not know the next thing to say (some people are great conversationalists and I am not), but I can always smile.

  6. It's awkward in those elevator situations; just a smile acknowledges my presence. They don't have to tell me their life story...I prefer they didn't. Introvert... but can socialize well, especially if they talk and I actively listen. People need to be listened to. Here I am.

  7. I am a smiling person with strangers. I hate elevators but when we were at the Empire State Building going to the 120 floor never even fazed me! It was our first time there. I liked it a lot and it would be fun to go with girlfriends! Something to think about. I hope your weekend is wonderful HUgs Anne

  8. It's nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Look forward to reading your blog. I too smile at strangers. I have found in my own life... that sometimes a smile makes all the difference to a person, who otherwise might be having a bad day.

  9. Yes, I do smile at strangers and also offer a greeting. My husband, on the other hand, has never met a stranger and he can have a complete conversation on an elevator.

  10. I do, even on the streets of New York. One of my all time pet peeves is people I've seen dozens of times -- work, synagogue -- and they don't smile back. I say hello to anyone who vaguely looks familiar. It's free, it's easy and it make the world a friendlier place. Guess I'm kind of an extrovert, but I do work at it.

  11. A smile costs nothing but can brighten my day. I offer them generously but find they aren't returned as often as they used to be.


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