Sunday, March 16, 2014

I didn't mean it!

Good grief.   When I last signed off, I never dreamt it would be 75 days before I'd begin to gather my wits about me again.

Personally, nothing's amiss....   
... and since I'm not fond of excuses, I won't offer any.  OK? OK!

Most recently ....
DH and I realized a long-overdue visit to my son and his family in Alabama ... by way of Florida.
I'd quite given up on trying to figure out the thought processes behind airline schedules and insanely-expensive fares.   Then quite by accident, I discovered substantial $$$ might be saved by flying into Jacksonville (v. Birmingham or Atlanta) .... and we could fulfill a decade-old promise to visit Tom's sis and BIL at the same time.   Yea, me!  

Not so fast.

Given DH's chronic hip issues, I thought it brilliant to book the red-eye:  It would be sparsely populated so he might stretch out, and I'd be too sleepy to notice every bump or jiggle.
Can you tell, we've not flown recently?  
Every stinkin' seat on that airbus was filled!   'Ms. Genius' here had even pre-selected the one row where seatbacks don't recline.   To add insult to injury, when DH went to sit down, his seat cushion did a 90-degree pivot!   ("Oh that's OK, sir.  They're just velcro-ed down.)   

Does anyone else remember when flying used to be fun?   When travelers actually dressed up in hose and heels for the privilege?  Thank God, we landed w/o incident!

Rain -- and more rain heralded our return to that State I once swore I'd never set foot on again.   (You think I'd not heard the term, 'never say never'?)   Then, when I saw the manner in which Tom's sister lives, I immediately felt ashamed that she'd ever been to visit our place.  
....OK, I'm blaming that on lack of sleep and a raw, sore throat.   
It's amazing how a long snooze, followed by nice company and a great meal turned my attitude right around!
Tom and Annette

Poor quality from our moving vehicle ...
But this is John Grisham's residence.
(Probably just one of his houses, but neat to see all the same!)

I won't say time spent w/ family was relaxing or fun, necessarily ... our 14 year-old grand-dog passed suddenly which was devastating for all concerned. 
And driving 7 hours a day isn't the lark it once was.  
Still, I'm feeling infinitely more peaceful for having seen and hugged those I love!

Troy, Chloe (16 y/o), Sarah (20) and Lois
My DIL complained her face was all puffy from crying, but I still think she's beautiful.

That ... and I'm ridiculous pleased with my unintended souvenir.

I'm not necessarily a fan of shopping (more about that at another time!)   .... but returning to Florida, I began craving an iced coffee in the worst way.    Must have been kismet, but SIL took me to this delightful Plantation shop on the island featuring everything I wanted ... and nothing I needed.    (Been there yourself, have you?)  
Given Annette's member discount, I probably picked up more goodies than was prudent ... and thank goodness I didn't read one price-tag correctly, or I'd have put my doorknob back.  
(OK, it's a doorknob-turned-bottle-stopper.  But it still looks just like those in my grandmother's farmhouse so many years ago.)   

Thank goodness, DH doesn't get his feathers ruffled if my common sense wanders off the reservation now and then!

Finally, I'm supposing the mystery surrounding Flight 370's disappearance isn't far from any of our thoughts and prayers.   I can't begin to imagine what their loved ones are going through.

A few years back I posted about differing 'farewells', citing one of my all-time favorite movies, Castaway.  

"There is a goodbye intended to be temporary ~ much more temporary than 4 years! ~ when he says, I'll be right back." 

We never know when we say 'goodbye' some morning, if that's the last time we're going to have this exchange .... when or if there will be another hello. 

So, isn't it important for all of our goodbyes to be loving and genuinely affirming? "God be with you... good be with you."

I think so, too.



  1. I so agree about goodbyes, we just never know if that goodbye will be the last goodbye. We always say "bye and love you" here when leaving. I too am concerned about that flight with the mystery of it all and do pray that the plane is found, at least for closure for the families involved.

    Did sound like a somewhat interesting adventure with your trip, Myra, but like you said hugging family and being with those you love is good and pretty much worth the hassle of travel. Honestly, its been a good 9 years since I have flown and if I never get into another airplane that will be fine with me. I do remember the days of luxury with flying, even in coach, with hot meals at meal times, etc.

    I think sometimes life does get in the way of our bloggin, LOL, it is amazing how fast these days are going since the new year began 2-1/2 months ago.


  2. Wonderful to read a new post from you! I'm happy that although your plane trip wasn't exactly what you had in mind, you got there safe and sound. We flew once in a while when I was a girl, and yes I remember it as being something special! Dressing up, hot meals, snacks, FRIENDLY flight attendants, (actually, they were young and pretty "stewardesses.") I haven't flown but a couple of times since 9/11, and it's still scary to me. ** I have to comment about the movie, "Castaway" too. I love the beginning and the last parts of it, but I get bored with all the "castaway" part! LOL. I cry my eyes out every single time at the end, when Tom Hanks and Helen Hunt are kissing in the rain and talk about going away together....So sad!

  3. I'm glad you had a safe trip. We haven't took a plane trip in years. I would like to see my son and daughter in laws new home in San Antonio, Texas and my daughter, son in laws in North Carolina, but driving is a long way and plane trips (I think) would have to be in case of emergencies. Glad to see you back.

  4. What a joy to see the alert from you. Great entry, and YES I can remember when I looked forward to every chance I got to fly, Not so much anymore.
    That wasn't so bad, the scheduling, I bet I have done worse!!!! (smile) But we too have an A/P in Raleigh NC that is about 1/2 price of landing in Charlotte, and I too, have this problem of figuring the Airlines.

    Oh yes and glad you did have a safe flight, much more important that comfort, but bot are nice. hahaha

    Love you lady... Good entry. Thanks for the education.

  5. What a great way to end your post. I'm glad you got to take a little trip. I agree flying just is not what it used to be.

  6. I am glad you got to take that nice trip. And to Florida no less. We are cold here in Kansas so a trip to Florida sounds wonderful to me. I can't imagine those passengers on that plane and what their families are going through. I would rather know they were dead than to everyday wonder what the heck happened to them.

  7. Happy Birthday to you.
    Happy Birthday to you.
    Happy Birthday dear Myra!
    Happy birthday to you and many more!
    Happy St. Patrick's Day to you too!

    Love, sandie

  8. WHAT??!! Is today Myra's birthday?? Well, if Chatty Crone thinks so, I guess I'll believe it! Happy B'day, Myra!

  9. It's always great catching up with you, Myra. Great post and, yes, my heart has been heavy for the, seemingly, lost passengers aboard the missing flight. I can't imagine.

  10. So glad to see you posting. Definitely agree with you on air travel. I used to love it and couldn't plan enough trips. I'm much less excited now. Much! My Florida flights worked out okay, but I am anxious about this summer's flights to Ireland. I now check my luggage and that makes getting around the airport much easier.

    Sorry my title had you catch your breath yesterday. I am going to be more thoughtful with titles.

    Lots of hugs!

  11. I love this great post.
    and we all say "I love you" when we leave...:)

  12. I think the airlines need to give their flight attendants some customer service tips. One chewed gum so hard I thought her jaw would pop off. Plus she was way too old for the long straight hippie hair from the 60s! Her co worker, a gay guy with an attitude gave the guy next to me grief about paying for coffee! Yikes! My daughters friend has worked for American Airlines for 30 years. She is beautiful, very attractive very much like the airline line attendants from days long ago. The only friendly face on our trip back was the Captain and he was a looker too!


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