Saturday, March 22, 2014

Simple Pleasures

... so, I had quite a different post slated for this weekend, when I happened by Dayle's place this afternoon and was reminded of her delightful prompt, Simple Pleasures.

In all  honesty, somewhere during the past few months I misplaced my sense of pleasure.    Without obvious reason  I've begun experiencing middle-of-the-night (OK, early morning) panic attacks  ...and frankly, have been feeling overwhelmed.

Obviously, I've forgotten the time-true practice of counting one's blessings ... or, in this case, Simple Pleasures.   Starting right now, I'm going to revisit that route.   Might I share a few of tonight's agenda items?

Despite the odds, last week I'd the good fortune to turn over another year on my 'fiscal calendar.' 
By my own choosing, Monday was a subdued celebration.   Nevertheless, I was delighted by dear friends' remembrances:

The next day, on an ordinary trip to my fav emporium, I had a flash-back.

I'm pretty sure it was Becky's delightful  memoirs that included a mention of something I'd quite forgotten  ... Jergens original scent body lotion.  I couldn't help hunt that product like a coon dog, unscrew the cap and take a long whiff, right then and there.   Yesssss!

...unfortunately, that detour down memory-lane only resulted in a (fruitless) search for Lavoris mouthwash.  
Another day, perhaps.

Sensory links from our past pack a sweet punch, don't they?  
Wishing y'all us all sweet dreams!



  1. Happy belated birthday! I need to do my own counting of simple pleasures; I've forgotten to do that along the way myself. Sorry about the panic attacks, never fun to deal with. Now I'll have to be out on the lookout for Lavoris!


  2. Happy belated birthday to you!!

  3. Myra, so glad you're back. Birthdays hit you hard sometimes. Thirty about did me in, but now I am of the mindset: if I want it, I might as well do it, eat it, or buy it, as these are my golden years. Memories are hinged on scent, you are right about that. Enjoy your day/week.

  4. YES, Happy belated Birthday... Also we humans find it so easy to fall into the ditch of despair and for get the blessings of paved roads through the beautiful country sides.
    I really did enjoy the entry. A sweet read, one that also brings back the scent of the past...

    Love from Central Florida until Wednesday when we head north for more adventure.

  5. Happy birthday.

    I am sorry about your anxiety - I have to be honest - I am in a huge bible study and I think panic attacks have hit us all.

    I love to see other people grateful reminds me to be grateful too.

    I think that shoes are the key to life and Christ.

    Love, sandie

  6. Happy birthday Myra. I suffer from panic attacks too and they are horrible. xo

  7. Happy Belated Birthday. I will be having one of those myself pretty soon. Hope your panic attacks get better. Oh how I wish I could have smelled that Jergens lotion along with you

  8. Happy belated birthday today! My mother loved Jergens original scent and I keep a bottle at work to remind me of her.I hate panic attacks. I hope you are better. Good to check that out with your doctor. Hugs, Anne


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