Sunday, April 6, 2014

Confessions of a Reformed Dieter

I think - no, I know that moment I first fell in love with DH:
His was an off-hand remark.  All the same, my stomach did a little doe-si-doe when I heard,  "There's little better than biting into a juicy burger and having the grease run down your arm."

Cheeseburger in Paradise!

Fast-forward ... 13 years and nearly 30 lbs.  
Events of the last year culminated in my questioning my Life Choices: some life affirming; others not so wise.    

The good part?    After years of unsuccessful attempts to quit smoking, I'm now confident referring to myself as a 'former smoker.'  

The bad?  Until recently, I was still inclined to beat myself up about the weight.    Come January, without fanfare I elected to cut out the carbs in my life.   (Some may recall my dear vegan friend, Diana, dubbing me 'The meat-atarian.')  
Used to be, I could shed 15-20 lbs. in a few weeks ... consuming enormous porterhouse steaks and rashers of bacon .... paying no attention to portion control.

Unfortunately, come vacation last month it seemed the only significant weight I'd lost occurred in my feet.   Really.  When my shoes began flopping at the heels I was having visions of body casts!

Discouraging.   But maybe, just maybe that explains the disembodied voice I heard just prior to my alarm going off the other morning:  "Time's running out."  
(I'm not a big believer in the supernatural, but that was just creepy!)

I'm trying to be more careful where I spend time, and with whom ...
 ... and who, exactly, is it I'm trying to impress?
Most articles of clothing I know I'll never wear again are headed to charity.    (Other favorites I hope to repurpose into a memory quilt some day.)

At this stage in my life I suspect a 'happy Myra' is more attractive than an old grump trying to replicate the sunken cheeks I wore like a badge of honor in my 30's and 40's.    

Perhaps I spend too much time fantasizing about my next meal -- not to be confused with actually cooking it!

While I won't be eating this ....

or even this .......

for supper each night, it's refreshing to give myself permission once in a while!     Aren't we lucky to be living in a world where (nearly) anything's available 24/7?

For more amazing choices, why not drop by my friend Buttercup's place.   As part of April's 'A-Z Challenge, Carol is featuring some of Manhattan's little-known, but delicious eateries.    You're guaranteed to leave hungry! :)        

Wishing you all a healthy and happy new week!

Hugs from Phoenix,


  1. I know what you mean Myra; I'd always be thinking of dieting or making half attempts to do so; now I'm comfortable watching what I eat and allowing the treasured foods here and there and its okay if I won't be able to fit into some clothes again, as long as I am healthy, right (and I'm about 30-40 pounds overweight, I think if I was 100 pounds, then I'd still be trying the diet routine).

    I hope your week is a good one too!


  2. Ah Myra sweetheart, how I can sympathize with you. I believe I was 58-60 before I could say, I am an ex smoker. I loved that habit. Unless someone has has a 'habit' they donot know the times you just about 'give in' after you have finally said enough.

    Same with that lovely burger you posted. Yep I still indulge every once in awhile, but we have actually tried to eat better without suffering, and that is hard todo. CONFLICTING, LORD YES!

    I loved this read... U B sweet!

  3. I have a birthday coming up this week. I will be 63 years old. We celebrated this weekend with my son and husband and three of the grandchildren. They took a video of me with the huge (wonderfully and sinfully chocolate) ice cream cake. I watched that video today and said "that isn't me. I don't know that fat, old silver haired woman" In my minds eye I am still slim and sleek...God I can dream. There is a blog post coming out of this isn't there? God Bless you for becoming more accepting of yourself. It is what we HAVE to do

  4. I am happy at the weight I am. I have shed and put on 150 pounds twice in my life due to medication I'm on. I decided to accept me for who I am at any given moment. I understand your battles with cigarettes, my hubby was a smoker and quit too.

  5. Myra you don't look like you need to lose a pound in your pictures. Glad you stopped smoking. I smoked as a teenager - a rebellion thing I guess. Glad I quit too.

  6. Good work on the smoking. I quit almost 25 years ago and there are still days I could pick up a cigarette - but I don't. What a hard habit to break.

    As far as food goes - I won't say "diet." I just prefer to make healthy food choices with a cheat day thrown in once in awhile.

  7. I love a good burger! Yum! But I am more careful these days. Weight is hard to take off as we age but I still walk and try to run when I can! As the weather is getting a little warmer I need to stick to my plan. Note: Rebekah just flew by to say she was going to the gym! LOL! should join her! I love your George Strait story. Sigh! Concert tickets are so pricey today! Cost a weeks wages to send Rebekah, Hannah and Nick to see Taylor Swift at the Cheyenne Frontier Days.LOL! MY hubby and I had a nice Applebees dinner and drove around while we waited for them. That girl changes her clothes like 20 times during a show! She is an odd one but the kids liked her music. Favorite George Strait song All of Them! LOL! I love Love without End Amen and I Want to Dance With You. Oops the kitten just changed the channel from the March Madness game to Ted Nugent singing on Direct TV! HaHaHa! The hubby was not happy! :-) I am writing one long paragraph here so love your post and the burger and always enjoy my visits with you! Take care and enjoy the week. Hugs, Anne

  8. You have written exactly my thoughts in the past six months or so. Something just snapped in me back then, and I decided to do "it" differently for once and not try to be the diet nor have the body that I had decades ago, but just opt for slow results, allowing myself some food once in a while.

    Now that I have written that disclaimer: I have "enjoyed" too much of that intended "once in a while" in recent weeks and need to stop enjoying for a pair of weeks to get back on track.

  9. Thanks for your comments on my blog. Team building at its best happened when we were visiting Vermont Teddy Bear Company factory in Vermont. Every so often a buzzer would go off and the seamstresses would grab a squirt gun and shoot someone.
    Food and I are fast becoming foes, too.

  10. Happy Myra...I like that! You remind me of my girlfriend, Maureen, a teeny one when you wrote that you fantasize about the meals you are going to cook, without cooking them. Maureen loves to eat and orders heavenly lunches but still is very disciplined. One time we were eating in Old Town Cottonwood and after lunch we walked into the bakery next door - just to smell the bread! I was so embarrassed.

  11. Thanks for the shout-out. Once upon a time -- a long time -- I could lose ten pounds in two weeks and I used to do it pretty regularly. I do enjoy food treats. I just think I am dipping into too many treats.


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