Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Facts n' Foibles

As my friend Anne recently pointed out, some Facebookers have been sharing little-known things about themselves on line.   I've had fun playing along (in my mind -- NOT on FB!), and thought it might be a lark to share a baker's dozen here, this first day of 2014.

In no particular order, here are a few of my own facts n' foibles ...

~ ~ ~

No matter how cold the room, I can't sleep without one foot sticking out from under the bedcovers

I do most everything with my left hand - unless strength or sports is concerned.  Then I'm right-handed

Speaking of sports, don't choose me for your team .... I'm a total klutz

Because of that, I don't particularly enjoy dancing

I've always been partial to odd numbers.   Recently I (inadvertently) drove our catering coordinator nuts by removing one glass from every other row of her perfectly-aligned goblets

In spite of having flown most all my life (without incident, thank God!) I'm a white-knuckle passenger

Conversely, I love being on a ship when the seas grow rough!

The characteristic I most value in others is Sincerity

I don't consider myself superstitious, but have a real aversion to the number '6'

Knee-deep, crunchy snowbanks and raw sugar-cookie dough are two of my 'right-now' favorite things

I'm not fond of 'bling', jewelry, roses 
... or fruit

In my 13th year, 'The Triumph of Janis Babson' had a profound effect on me.  So much so, I believed myself to have leukemia - but didn't tell my parents for several (miserable) months!

A confirmed 'morning person', I'm amazed and delighted most every day by the sunrise ... yet I'm sometimes prone to melancholy watching the sun set

~ ~ ~
Happy New Year !!!

As always .... hugs from Phoenix!



  1. I loved reading these Myra. Such a shift on some things like being white knuckled while flying, but enjoying a ship on rough seas! Neat the differences that all fit together to make wonderful you!

    Happy New Year!


  2. I enjoyed reading the list. some were no surprise, but there were a couple . One was the flying, the other the rough seas, I like them both. I don't dance, but pictured you all over the dance floor doing the exotic dances.
    Yep, I think sincerity (respect of) fits you.

    Anyway VERY interesting. For the last time until next year. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU &TOM...

  3. I'm not much of a dancer either and really had a tough time with dancing school as a child. I like to see roses, but don't especially like cut flowers. But rough seas...I've got a whopping case of sea sickness.

    Hugs and happy wishes from New York!

  4. I am a white knuckle flyer and I love ships but NOT rough seas. even calm water produces sea-sickness and I have to take Dramamine. Knee deep snowbank once caused me to break my leg in four places so I guess I don't like them either. But I do wish you the best 2014 has to offer

  5. I sleep with my foot out too! Happy 2014. sandie

  6. That was fun - altho I would have pegged you for a dancer.

  7. I loved your facts-n-foibles. Hehe ... It's fun finding out odd and interesting things about people. I'm with you on the sports.

  8. You would be surprised and maybe a little frightened to know how many of those things we have in common. (Right on down to the fact that I have convinced myself that I had numerous terminal diseases. Apparently, the one malady I do indeed suffer from is paranoia.)

    Learning little known facts about people is one of my favorite things to do. Call me nosy by nature, but I always enjoy it.

  9. I just love your list. I laughed at the one foot sticking out in the bed and the fear of flying but the love of choppy waters. Great read first thing this morning.

  10. Hey now, this was a really great post! Loved it.
    My foot is always out as why do we do that??

  11. You entertained us nicely today with your special personal list. I am no that brave about myself. You sound like a real sport until it comes to others taking over. I have a daughter-in-law that absolutely will not let anyone body but herself clean her dishes or kitchens., Suits me. Always happy when you drop by.

  12. Happy New Year Myra. I can so identify with your last one. I feel exactly the same way as I am a morning person, too.

  13. I do hope your new year will be filled with everything you want.
    Enjoyed reading your "things.."::)

  14. I love your list. I'm a morning person too and get excited about the AZ sunrises. I'm thinking that you would be a really fun person to work with.

  15. What a fun and interesting blog post, Myra! Thank you for sharing such interesting little tidbits about yourself!! Hope you're having a wonderful month of January. Can you believe it's the 15th already??

  16. I just love Snoppy and Charlie Brown and I learned a few new things about you too! Have a wonderful week. Hugs, Anne

  17. I can really relate to that last one!

  18. "Respice, Prospice" has been included in the Sites To See for this week. Be assured that I hope this helps to point many new visitors in your direction.

  19. I really like learning about people. So thank you. I am going to do this at my blog too. Fun stuff! Hugs, Anne


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