Saturday, August 4, 2012

They're baaack!

Must admit, I groaned out-loud last week when I turned a corner and spotted THIS.  (Is it just me, or do children move  S-L-O-W-E-R on purpose these days?)

It's hard to make out here (someone needs to wash her windshield) ... but do you see the lady standing alongside the bus door?   As I passed, she wasn't bothering to disguise the tears rolling down her face.   Her first child? ... the baby?  
Ya, I've a bad habit of weaving stories around perfect strangers' facial expressions.

What do you remember about YOUR first day of school?

For some strange reason, all I recall is poor, pitiful Alice B. -- shrieking, screaming and clinging to her mother for dear life.
That, and a curious aroma I can best describe as eau de raincoats-n'-chalk.
Oh!  And the smell of that white, weird paste!  

Loved these boots with the elastic and buttons!

I nod n' grin like a bobble-head when reading others' recollections ...

...We got Schaefer's glue!  Loved that neat little bottle's slated rubber cap with a slit in it for application.

...School clothes!  1 dress, 2 skirts, 1-2 blouses, NO JEANS or SLACKS, and ONE pair of Buster Brown (sensible) shoes.  Of course, by Junior High we had P.E., so we had to have tennies for that.
And my personal favorite ...
What teacher would we be assigned?

Now, our return from summer vacation normally coincided with Labor Day.   So that evening -- me with bated breath -- we'd drive to check out Class Lists posted on the school's glass doors.    

Magic.Moments for sure.

When time of year did you start school?   I'd love to hear of your own magic moments!  


  1. You described it well, Myra. How I remember the first day of a new school year. The hustle and bustle of little feet. The smells of freshly sharpened pencils and crisp notebook paper. Our school year always started after Labor Day.

  2. Our school would start after Labor Day too and we would get out the middle part of June. The city I live in now is in a modified year round schedule; they go about 9-10 weeks, have a few weeks off, three weeks at Christmas, three weeks at spring break, seven weeks for summer break. Parents like it; I liked the long summers off :)

    I remember having boots like that :)

    I also remember crying little tears dropping the kids off at school each and every year. I also remember 10th grade when son drove himself to the first day of school, taking that "privilege" away from me to accompany him on the first day.


  3. I had those boots, too. We started school the Wednesday after Labor Day and ended near the end of June. It was Connecticut and the heat was mostly gone by then. The public schools in New York are still just about the same schedule, but the private schools are in session much less.

  4. When I started first grade we lived three doors down from the school and my father was the schools janitor so I had been there way to many times to be afraid. By the time Dad got a (decent to his way of thinking) job I had two siblings following me on the walk to school.

    I was in sixth grade before I had to get a bus and by then we were living in the country with a long bus ride where I had five siblings to keep an eye on. Need I say more.

    Bottom line is that I do not remember much outside the family about my early school days.

  5. My boots like that were yellow! You just described perfectly any school memory for any boomer! Sigh...those days really were better.
    We weren't distracted by hand held objects.
    We weren't allowed to be sassy.
    We were wide open and eager to learn.
    Not perfect...not Stepford children...just products of our time!

  6. Kelly starts tomorrow and Andy one week later. Good feelings - scared feelings - and sad ones too.

  7. I lived in a hard-scrabble pulp mill town all through grade school. We had a cafeteria but the ladies who ran it took most of the meat and vegetables home. We did get all the yeast rolls and government surplus honey we wanted. I usually had two pair of custom jeans. My grandmother said they were custom because we got them from the charity bin and she had to alter them for me. My shirts were made from Purina chicken feed bags. They were good shirts. The bags, back then, were made from cotton and the checkerboard pattern looked like a shirt a little boy would wear.

  8. I see that everyone who is a baby boomer has similar memories! Oh how I loved those little red boots! The Schaefer's glue and not the icky white paste! I attended Catholic school. Uniforms, lots of rules. I think it made me a better person. Not as easily distracted to "things" like many I know! No worries as a kid. Just good solid children with hard working dads and moms waiting for us to return from school each day! Sigh!

  9. HI!!!
    I grew up here in when I was young school started the Monday after Labor Day....and yes...I recall going and looking at each classroom searching for my name.....for years being that JAMIE was a boy name...I would find my name on the boys side....UGH...I hated that...prayed my parents would have named me Lisa or Laura like my cousins.....My middle name became my name for a few years..then decided that sounded like a baby shoes..were a were a few new items..yes a dress for first day....and pants here either...not til at least grade 5 or 6.....Jr High we wore jeans!!!
    Glue....i only recall elmers glue.....but recall funny movies with the old fashioned glue on stick jokes!!!
    I cried when my first went to school and my baby.....I hated going shopping and eating alone in the food court...I suffered from self esteem more in my 30's!!!
    Now I can eat alone all the time and I do not care!!!

  10. I love reading about your memories but the kids starting school now...middle of this heat????? Mine don't go back until sept. 4th. Glad about that as the scool is stifling hot

  11. I see the back to school traditions today, and they don't have much resemblance to my day. Just like you, we got a single pair of sensible school shoes and new clothes, which were fall clothes because we started in the fall, after Labor Day.

    The main thing I remember is getting the traditional back to school DRESS.


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