Friday, August 31, 2012

On a lighter note!

Do you ever pass by a mechanical pony or say, a shiny staircase banister and wish for a moment ... just a moment ... you were wee enough to hop on?

Look what I spotted last week at the nail salon!

What flavor looks best?
Calgon, take me away!

Tho' I've not witnessed any little ones actually having pedicures, I think they're onto something!  
Just wish I were still small enough to squeeze into that bear's lap!


  1. I wish I had a granddaughter to take - my grandson won't go with me! sandie

  2. girls would love this....and me...I love the colors..

  3. My last trip to Omaha was for my 14 year old nieces Confirmation. Since it was her special day my niece was treated to a day at the spa. She got a pedicure and manicure plus golden highlights in her hair so she would be the prettiest girl (according to her father) at the ceremony.

    Personally, I think the highlights was going way overboard for a child and I got the feeling my niece would rather of had the money to spend on new clothes at mall.

  4. I read your comment at my blog and ordered a copy of that book from amazon! LOL! You are too kind! I always smile over here. I like this post and I know I wish I were small enough to hop on board and go into childhood for just a brief moment! Thanks for the share. Hugs Anne

  5. Definitely the mechanical pony. There is one down the street at a pizza place and it always tempts me.


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