Friday, July 20, 2012

A Bad American?

So, I'd planned to share a few anecdotes and photos regarding the Budget Summit which recently concluded at my workplace.   
"Tom-foolery",  my elders used to say.
Given this morning's tragedy in Colorado, however, PPD crime scene tape and chalk body outlines seem in poor taste.

Like you, I'm still in a bit of shock and crazy sadness watching events play out in Aurora.

The mind's jumping ... presupposing how the "alleged" (geeze!) gunman's life will surely be extended; his actions somehow excused by psychologists and sympathizers.

It's times like this I wonder: Am I a "bad American"?  

"... with Liberty and Justice for all."
I've issues with that line.  Much the same way my tongue occasionally struggles with, " we forgive those who trespass against us."

OK, full-disclosure.   I've still a little bit of "guilty until proven innocent" going on upstairs.   (That nugget shared a long time ago by a lady who happened to be married to the District Attorney in our little West Texas town.)   
While my "grown-up" mind recognizes the sheer fallacy of that belief, it's obvious no-one in their right mind wants to see my face in their jury pool.   
....Just ask my hubby!

Of late, we've become hooked on watching NBC's Saturday Night Mysteries.   Knowing that a "spirited discussion" is likely, I suspect DH dreads each aftermath.   Don't even get me started on our discussions regarding a couple sensational murder trials of the last decade. - lol.

I can't help myself.   No doubt, any more than he can help being disgustingly Rational and prone to Facts.  Just the facts.    My arguments about "common sense" hold no weight ... and more than once I've gone to bed muttering, "I actually MARRIED this person?!?"      

Thankfully, we hold no malice towards each another.    And thankfully, calmer heads will prevail in Aurora.

There may be no answers and no swift conclusion.   Instead, I'll do my best to put aside my anger and offer my prayers for the victims and their families.   

And leave the rest to God.


  1. I've had these discussions with my dearest friend who is a judge, and they can be heated. But I am grateful that her sense of fair play keeps our legal system going. And I think we are both Good Americans and thankful that we can have these discussions and still have a legal system. I add my prayers for the victims and their families, too.

  2. Myra, I am still in shock from reading the news on before going to bed last night.

    The whole world is/has gone nuts. I have my thoughts on why but guess I best save that for another time.

    Sounds like you and DH have similar habits to the Old Salt and me. We are hooked on the mysteries of the BBC and will spend hours with Lewis and Hathaway and even more time discussing the outcomes. Can be a hindrance to my arguments to be married to and ex deputy sheriff. Just glad we still meet in the middle of the bed each night.

  3. such a tragedy in Colorado; definitely need to keep them in prayer.

    I have to say it always amazes me when someone does something like this, tons of evidence they did it, etc., etc., etc., and then they plead "not guilty". Drives me crazy. I know its our legal system and a person's right, but guilty is guilty is guilty. Both times son got arrested in his youth, under 18 (slow learner I guess, LOL) he was guilty as all go out so "not guilty" was not an option here. It would be nice if people would take accountability for their actions and save tax payers money to try this in court and start bringing closure to victims and families whose lives will never be the same again. Gosh, does this make me a bad American or too judgmental?


  4. I don't even understand how someone can get that mad. Life is so short. sandie

  5. This was the perfect post for a day like today, following such a horrid, senseless event. I know that bad things have happened all through history but it just seems as if it's escalating...

  6. I've been trying yet again to wrap my head around the horror of what evil has done. This time, Colorado was tagged "it". Like you, I tend to have a strong (and not so gracious) thought regarding the ones who commit the acts of violence.

    I needed the reminder to just pray.

  7. Three observations about our system of justice:
    1. Trials are not about truth but what a jury can be convinced is true.
    2. The most unreliable evidence that can be introduced in a trial is an eyewitness identification of a stranger.
    3. If you are involved in a criminal case even in a small way, (see 2 above) never ever talk to police without a lawyer.

  8. I think you speak for a lot of us Americans. I'm putting this shooter on God's hook, too.

  9. This is a truly wonderful post, very well written! Hope that you have been keeping well,


  10. your words hit heart feels broken...scared and stunned at what's happened. I feel strongly too about the shooter and what should be done to him and yet something in me knows he's sick....I hate what he did. I hate the fear and terror and senseless killings. I want to believe even in this God can bring some sense. :(

  11. HI MYRA!!!
    Great words....I did have to chuckle about you and your darling hubby arguing over a tv show......but I do agree....our Son is an but that counts....he is level headed to the max..I walk in life by emotion....he should be gulity and charged...No trial...nothing.....but then is that fair????
    hope your week is going good....did you love all that SUNDAY RAIN????4 straight hours at our house!!!
    hugs 2 u,

  12. The most recent shooting in Milwaukee is sad again. So many innocent lives. Stolen away. Thank God the police officer shot and killed this perp. In Colorado we get to look at the other killer and are suppose to shed a tear for him and his sickness! If his parents knew he was "so sick" why did they keep fueling $$$$$$ to him. He was a student. He did not have a job. Who paid for the fifteen thousand dollars worth of ammo and all the gear he used? If people were armed in that theater they could have shot at his mask and his chest! Bullet proof or not, he could have been stopped!
    I agree with Frank here! The judicial system in America is disgusting. Designed to keep criminals safe and screw the victims! google Nathan Dunlap. He murdered 4 co workers at a Chuck E Cheese several years ago. Prison life has packed on the pounds for that criminal! Yet those families will never know what their loved ones lives might have been.
    I really get so angry about our laws. They are designed simply to protect the criminals and to heck with victims.
    The last thing America needs is giving the government more power against us! After 9-11 they stripped our rights nearly to the core! Now they will find more ways to take away from us.


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