Sunday, August 12, 2012

What's your number?

"That's it!  I'm coming to live at YOUR house!!!"

In response to our raised voices, my GM sticks her head around the corner ...  as Ms. Human Resources chuckles self-consciously:   "Well, I'm not really sure, but I think we keep our thermostat set at 65."  

Oh yeah, it's been an incredibly uncomfortable Summer.  I don't suppose anyone feels immune ... or doesn't long for a nip of Fall.  

Did you happen to see the January(?) issue of Reader's Digest?   I was incredulous to read one expert's advice (that) the "best sleep" occurs when keeping the thermostat at 65 degrees.   (I could only conclude the good Doctor must hold a major interest in some Public Utility!)

It turns out, my co-worker's estimate was off by nearly 20 degrees.

While DH and I've (reluctantly) compromised on a #77 ... I'm always on the lookout for other ways in which to save electricity.
Since learning of kitchen fires begun by dishwashers, we no longer run that machine at bedtime ...if at all.   The clothes dryer normally begins work at 3:30AM.  

"Things could always be worse."   As a child, I used to roll my eyes at Mother's adage ... yet, it's now become my own mantra.    No question, things could always - and might very well become worse.

And I'm reminded of a sweet story by Yehudit Channen -- which hit me like the proverbial "ton of bricks."   May I share an excerpt?

Another one of our members is a Holocaust survivor named Abby, who survived the war by living in a Christian orphanage.  One morning the lady who sits next to her kept repeating, "Help me, help me.  Somebody help me."
Abby, who no longer recognizes her only son, leaned in close to the other.  "What is it dear?", she asked.  "Are you scared?  We are all in this together.  You just have to make the best of it and stay out of trouble."

Great advice, no?
We are all in this together.  Thank you for helping me make the best of it!

... and have yourselves a wonderful week!


  1. The weather has been unbearable! I will gladly trade it all for a dash of fall! Your humor and insight always makes me smile here. Have a terrific week and stay cool! Hugs Anne

  2. It has been almost unbearable, hasn't it? Longing for fall myself. We keep our thermostat on 73 at night. I can't sleep warm and that is about where we both like it at night. I try to keep it a little higher (like 75) in the daytime, as we're in and out anyway and I run the ceiling fans.

    Loved the excerpt. Puts things in perspective.

  3. As usual I am always the odd man out. Hubby likes to tell people that I would be cold in a working oven. He may be right. I can't stand the cold weather. I am always cold and I have used an electric throw to watch TV all summer. I have such a great flower garden because working in it is the only time I can thaw out and get comfortable. Hubby, can't take the heat at all so our thermostat is probably set at 65. Wouldn't know because I never go near it for fear of causing him heatstroke.

    But, what we use in AC in the summer we save on heat in the winter because the house is still to cold for me even then.

  4. Thee is a new program, Myra, associated with Southwest Airlines that gives you a reduced rate on your power/energy bills. We applied & get a 10% reduction in our bills ... check into it. It is a huge savings PLUS they give you mileage credit for joining & for your monthly utility expense. We have been very happy with the results.

    This is the first time in YEARS that we've used the A/C every single day here i MD. I dislike A/C but BOY did we have the 'heat' this summer.

    Have a great day ~
    TTFN `

  5. I think of you often (speaking of suffering the heat together) and I sure do think of fall these days. It could be worse....I think of you guys and those dust storms you get there. Please stay safe! They seem to be increasing. I didn't know about 65 degrees and sleeping! I do sleep better in the cold, all snuggled in my blankey!

    Luv ya!

  6. You have had it hard - but still have your sense of humor!!! sandie

  7. Bam!! That's you hitting a nail squarely on the head. The fact that you hammer like a girl and speak my language just makes it better.

    I could NOT agree more with the wisdom of your words this morning.

  8. HI SWEETIE!!!
    I would love to keep my house at 65.....although for this desert rat..I would be freeezing I am sure...I am comfortable sleeping at 78...although we have a ceiling fan above us...and I have a small fan by the bed on the night stand mostly for the humming is a small little fan......TO SAVE set the temp on the other side of the house at 82...then after I awake....I switch the temps.....bedroom side is at 82......and the family room/kitchen is at 80.........I would rather sleep good and be less comfy in the day!!!
    We are on the budget plan with SRP so our bill is the same year around!!!1
    It is not terrible....So I won't complain!!!
    I loved your little story though!!!!Love my Holocaust Survivors!!!!!

  9. kitchen fire??? yikes...that's a wake up call for me not to run anything at night. As for a/c temps...we keep it cool not cold. It's been horribly hot this summer and some nights too hot to even sleep with the downstairs cold and the bedrooms hot. Love your post and story...

  10. During my 30 years in the military I spent months living in conditions where I sweated heavily every minute of every day. Now that I can control my environment, I do so. Life is too short to let saving a few dollars dictate whether or not one is comfortable while at home.
    It affects your mood, your relationships and sometimes, your health. I plan to die without a lot of money and secure in the knowledge that I spent most of it wisely.

    My dear wife used to go out to the parking lot during her lunch breaks and sit in her car with the windows rolled up, in the summer, because she liked it!

    My answer is I have always been able to get warm; more clothes, more blankets, etc. Without air-conditioning during our hot humid Missouri summers, the only option is to suffer.


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