Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sentimental Journey

My father would have turned 100 years old today.
... and I'm frightened, because somewhere along the road I've forgotten his voice.

Daddy passed unexpectedly in 1981 ... long before the Internet became a daily fixture in our lives, before cell phones and video cameras were as commonplace as Kleenex.  

Since beginning my "cyber-journey" some 12 days ago, I've happily discovered that some tourist spots we visited in 1956 still exist.  In fact, I owe a BIG apology to those attractions in the Northeast which I carelessly labelled "lesser-known."

So, I've learned a few things about my folks through mother's journal ... including the fact they'd lived in Portland, ME at one time.   How they anticipated -- and enjoyed!!! -- revisiting a favorite restaurant.  

Regretfully, Boone's has shuttered its doors.
Isn't this menu a hoot?   ...anyone up for a plate of no-neck clams or seaweed greens?   
I especially love the footnote: "Visit our CLEAN, modern kitchen.  OUTSIDE our kitchen door we have some of the thinnest flies in Maine."

Perhaps, on account I've been in a 50 year-old time warp, their story of Boone's sparked a memory of my own:  
After moving to Florida in the 1980's, this "little voice" kept nagging me to locate a certain favored   restaurant ... the same one where (as family lore has it), I returned to the dessert bar for a THIRD banana split -- prompting the manager to bellow, "Someone, call a doctor!"

Wolfie's has since shuttered their doors in St. Pete.   But what fun, to find on-line comments from other enthusiasts!   I get the feeling this BIG old world isn't so big after all.

... Which makes me wonder, have you been blessed to revisit a favorite restaurant or hang-out?  
Or, do you think some things best left in our memories?  


  1. When you mentioned about forgetting your father's voice, I had to do a quick thought to see if I could remember my mom's voice (passed 2006) and I could (still). Thankfully my mom had the wisdom, along with my sister, to record some family stories and memories she had when they were working on a photo album together, labeling who was who from my mom's younger days, so those tapes are somewhere at my sister's. I also heard there were books you could buy and record someone reading a story, I thought that would have been neat to do for grandmothers to read to share with grandchildren down the road.

    I think my husband still hasn't erased a message on his cell phone from his dad (passed last December) just to have his voice still there.

    Sorry, that just made me think of voices....

    That menu was cute to read! I like that they had the thinnest flies in the area!

    We were just talking about whether if we go back to a special place, would it still feel like a special place? We concluded in some cases it might, but other places it might be hard to duplicate our feelings we had from prior visits. So the jury is still out about that, LOL :)

    may your day be a nice one


  2. Love the menu! A lot of the places I'd like to try again aren't in business any longer, so that's not an option. You did spark a memory...When I was growing up we spent a lot of time at one of the small beaches on the Connecticut shore with family. We had lobster a lot and the price per pound was twenty-five cents.

  3. I think looking back has bittersweet memories - they make you feel good and they can make you feel sad. But isn't life that way most of the time? sandie

  4. I understand what you mean about forgetting a voice. I feel that way about my grandparents. My dad's voice is on old family videos more than his face is because he was usually taking the picture. I love to hear it.

    As to old haunts, I hadn't thought about it but I haven't visited any that I can think of. When we took a trip back to where we grew up about ten years ago, I wanted to stop at a place called The Snack Shack and get an icecream but I was outvoted in the caravan. Still wish I had.

  5. I think that nostaglia is such a comfort to us. We think it brings back happier times. The trip back is always worth taking. Things may be "smaller"...or less than in our memory...but the journey back and the anticipation in doing so, is worth it I feel. It's just human nature to yearn for days gone by.

  6. Love this post. As for me, I find returning to places of long ago can often be a downer for me. Nothing stays the same. The world moves on and I think some things (for me, at least) are best left in memories.

    I do enjoy going back to places I lived as a child, but they still make me feel a bit sad.

  7. love your journey to the past....I took my girls to the city where I grew up and brought them to The ORange Julep....a favorite hangout where the fries are so greasy and the toasted hotdogs are the best and the seagulls scream for any crumb. They loved it and my favorite is now theirs. Love passing on old memories. Have a great Friday

  8. I've enjoyed your reminiscences.

    How lucky you are to have your mother's journal. I have almost no recorded family history (including photos) and the stories told when we were kids would always cause an argument over who remembered what correctly so we can't trust the accuracy of any of them.

  9. Love revisiting places/memories. Happy birthday to your father, Myra ... may he be blessed in his heavenly celebration.

    I treasure every piece of paper that I have from my family.

    Have a sparkling 4th ~
    TTFN ~

  10. Our favorite restaurant of all time is a Mexican cuisine in Kingman, AZ. We drove through a few years ago and had to stop for lunch meeting friends in the town and boy, what memories flooded us of good times there! Great post; I enjoyed your memories!

  11. HI!!!
    I loved visiting of my fav states......I also love visiting old, that menu is awesome...well the prices are awesome!!!!
    I was chatting with my high school friends about some Mexican Food places in Glendale, AZ....that have been there since I was a KID!!!
    HAPPY 4th


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