Thursday, June 14, 2012

Road Trip!

Oh, but I wish we were preparing to hit the road!  Unfortunately, a get-away's not in the cards this year.

Instead, I thought it might be fun to take a Sentimental Journey.

56 years ago tomorrow, my mother's journal began: "Left the hill at 7:10a.m., a beautiful morning!"

UNbelievable, isn't it?????

 600 mi. later that evening -- her lovely penmanship recounts our having enjoyed steak dinner ($2.35) in Oklahoma City, then driving downtown "to see the stores."

(A Google image look-alike.)
... and so it goes.
The cost of each breakfast/lunch/dinner, motel and toll-road are dutifully noted.

Throughout the Midwest ... Washington, DC .... New York City ... New England  .... Nova Scotia and PEI before before having to turn around.  

Unfortunately, I remember nothing -- but take a ridiculous delight in reading the menus, ticket stubs and pamphlets carefully scotch-taped to these yellowing pages.

So, I've this crazy notion to see if any of the lesser-known attractions still exist!  What fun to rediscover The Flume at Liberty Gorge or New Brunswick's "Magnetic Hill."    Wouldn't it be coincidental if our paths had crossed way back when?

I'll let you know what I find!  
Meanwhile, I'd better do some "virtual" packing!


  1. How fun Myra, that you still have these wonderful momentoes from Mother. My Mother in the '30s did these kinds of things, also. They truly kept records ... tells so many stories to us who have them now.

    TY for popping by Tanza's ... we've been friends for 3+ years but this is our first touch-see visit. You'll adore her.

    Have a lovely eve ~
    TTFN ~

  2. Don't you just want to hold on that so tight - what I would give to see my mother one more time. sandie

  3. This should motivate us all to do the same! What a joy her journal is already given and will give. I wish I had kept travel journals over the years.

  4. The fact that your mom left the journal is very cool. It's a special part of your liffe. I love discovering things back when. Have fun discovering.....

  5. Oh how well I understand the "staycation" blues this year. We are doing the same. In fact all of my travels of late have been done vicariously through the wonderful travel post done by the bloggers I follow.

    I have tried to copy your mother and keep a travel journal and it never last more then the second fill-up. I do wish I was better at recording where some of my photos were taken. I really have to work at retracing our shots sometimes.

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comment :)

    What a neat thing to have as a souvenir from your youth, so to speak, with your mom's journal and her detailing of this vacation of your family! How neat she recorded things like this so at least you can look back at it though you don't remember it!

    may you have a great day!


  7. On my goodness, what a beautiful treasure from the past and your mother! She was very well organized! I always love when you stop by. Your comments brighten each day! It is one of those little random acts of kindness that I so enjoy! Have a beautiful Sunday and the best Sunday ever! Hugs Anne

  8. What careful records your Mom kept! What fun for you to have all that data today in her precious handwriting!

  9. Beautiful penmanship, indeed. This is a fun look back! Hope you guys get to go somewhere out of the heat.

  10. Being the traveler that I am, you know I love, love this post! What a joy to have those recorded memories from your mom, in her handwriting. I'm blessed to have a few things similar and I wouldn't think of parting with them.

    Enjoy your cyber journey!

  11. What a fun post. This summer I am traveling via my friends' blogs and it's fun! I can't speak for Nova Scotia, but many years later I worked on West 34th St. and my wonderful view -- not so great job -- overlooked the Statue of Liberty.

    Wishes for a happy Saturday!


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