Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pretty Babies

As some of you know, we just learned that DH's son and DIL are expecting this Fall ... our 9th grand!!!
I'm doing the happy dance over here because "it" is a SHE!   Not to take anything away from little boys ... but grand-daughters are the best since sliced bread!

I never was blessed with a sister (or brother for that matter), but used to fantasize about belonging to a large family ... especially if "multiples" were involved.   

You see, Grandma Hanson kept a special scrapbook devoted to Dionne Quintuplets.  Any time we'd visit the farm, I used to make a bee-line for that book  ... spending hours devouring it's nearly 100 pages. 
"Lucky ducks!" -- that's how I used to refer to Marie, Emelie, Cecile, Annette and Yvonne.

Obviously, I was too young to grasp the tragic circumstances surrounding their early lives.  Even their mother, stunned by the premature arrival of 5 babies was quoted as having said, "People will think we're pigs."    Isn't that sad?!?

When Grandma passed, she had little in the way of material things to bequeath.   But, she'd remembered my fascination with the "pretty babies" -- making sure that book would go to her only granddaughter.   
Love the bonnets!

  ... yes, 41 years later I can still be found on occasion, smiling and remembering time spent with Grandma and her "special" book.      

Emelie ... still my all-time favorite girl's name.
Do ya think it might have had anything to do with this picture?
Those eyelashes!!!

Thank heaven for little girls!    


  1. Congrats to number nine and a girl. I truly wish I had a girl too - I have two boys I love dearly. But what a great remembrance of your grandmother! Awesome. sandie

    My Grandma and I shared a passion with others too...only my Grandmothers was the ROYAL family and I was given her little bag of articles when she passed....a treasure to me!!!
    So happy another Grand is on its way!!!And Yes, girls are special and I am So Happy I now have one of each!!!
    Hugs and love,

  3. congrats with the new blessing to your family in a few short months!! What a special memory you have of your grandmother! I remember my mom talking about the Dionne Quintuplets since she was of that era. She even had a silver bowl (I'm sure it was silver plate) with all their names around it; I don't remember how she came to have that bowl or what happened of the bowl, but I remember it was on display at our house for many a year.

    Imagine all you'll be able to share with this special little one (as well as your other grands) of your life as you spend time with them :)


  4. Congratulations! I think there is nothing more wonderful than babies, and I happen to have a particular affinity for the pink kinds, though I love them both.

    You have made me want to google and learn more about them. I have heard a little, but I'd like to know whatever happened to them.

  5. Congrats of the expected new grand child. They are marvelous aren't they? The Dionne Quintuplets lives were tragic weren't they? I just found you through Jamie's blog and I am another AZ grandparent blogger! I want to invite you to link up with us on Grandparent's Say It Saturday over at my blog, Family Home and Life. We have a wonderful group of linkers every Sat. It's open until Mon night if you forget. Email me if you have questions.


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