Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wanted to drop by to wish everyone a very  Happy Independence Day

It's an unusually rainy day here in the Valley of the Sun ... just the sort of welcome excuse to stay in my pj's with a good book and a bowl of cereal.        

Just maybe, I should feel a little bad for those who were looking forward to poolside BBQ's or the city's annual celebration at Tempe Towne Lake.    Then again, those activities may still occur.   

While I dream of someday watching a fabulous fireworks display in 3D -- INSIDE an air-conditioned IMAX theater -- I love that the young (and young-at-heart) aren't afraid to run out and grasp LIFE with both hands.

It's all a state of mind.   And heart.   
May I share a favorite family anecdote?  

Ever the patriot, my dad was big on flying the flag on Special occasions.   
Now, ours being a government town, I think it was a bit unusual (that) more folks weren't acquainted with the "do's" and "don'ts" of flag etiquette.   Instead, they'd look to the Willer's front porch:  If our flag was displayed, they'd hurry to put theirs out before leaving for work.   

Finally one afternoon, a neighbor approached my father.   Somewhat embarrassed, he asked, "What exactly are we commemorating today, Ad?"    To which my father replied, "It's Lum's birthday."
Remember, I said Special occasions?  To his way of thinking, each of our birthdays was reason to fly the U.S. Flag.    I'm not sure what the VFW would have to say about that, but I still chuckle imagining our neighbors inadvertently helping to commemorate my mother's birthday.

Wishing you ALL a special day of remembrance and celebration -- just the sort that makes your heart sing!



  1. HAPPY 4th of July to you!!!!
    I LOVE this weather!!!!Hope it rains ALL DAY!!!!|
    Love the flag waving story!!!
    And I agree with your Dad!!!

  2. That's a special day to me! I loved doing the flag ceremony every day at camp. It was a very special time. Hope you have a good day.

  3. What a cute flag story and what can be better than a pic of a flag draped porch? No rain yet here. I hope we're not left out. Happy 4th.

    Love ya!

  4. What a sweet story about the flag; I think it is neat to go by and see someone displaying the flag, no matter what day of the week it is or what holiday or not! With so much of the country needing rain, it is good your part did get it today even though it could have happened on another day. We had cloudy weather today with pleasant low 70s :)

    My mom used to love going to see fireworks, she'd go along with us when she was visiting or living with us, no matter what. I would love to see them this year but our dog doesn't like loud noises so we're going to stay home so he won't be too afraid with hearing the displays around us :)

    hope it was a nice day!


  5. hope your 4th of day was awesome....your story of your dad flying the flag for each of your birthdays is awesome. It shows his pride. Although I don't live in the U.S. I am proud to be part of my country too...mostly b/c of the freedom we have. Wishing you a beautiful thursday.

  6. HI!!!
    THANKS for your lovely comment on my blog!!!You are so sweet...and I will let you know as soon as my book arrives and as I read it.....WE MUST meet soon....perhaps next Sat....I will be in Goodyear?????We could just meet up for a quick drink of coffee or iced tea somewhere????
    I would love that

  7. What a cute story. I love memories like that.

    I wish you could send some of that rain this way. I will be afraid to open the next water bill out of fear keeping my flowers alive will cost more then we can afford to pay.

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  9. I haven't had much chance to walk around blog land lately so I missed this. I love your dad's attitude!! We fly the flag on a big old honkin' flag pole here for a lot of reasons, too. I had never thought about birthdays, but why not?

  10. Happy belated 4th and happy 13th. I am so sorry I am so late and so behind. sandie

  11. HI MYRA!!!
    See you tomorrow at MIMI'S cafe at 12:45!!
    So excited to meet you!!!
    What is funny is my daughter's friend who is hAVING THE birthday party tomorrow her name is MYRA too!!!
    What a coincidence!!

  12. I love this celebration, Myra. May she fly grandly forever ...

    Have a beautiful day ~
    TTFN ~

  13. HI!!!
    THANK you again for meeting up with me!!
    it was fun!!!
    Do that post on friendship....I would love to read it!!GOT MY BOOK!!


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