Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy .... whaaaat day?

Our office atmosphere had been Library Quiet-ish this morning ... when, I heard a muffled expletive from "Lady" Diana's quarters next door.  

Hmmm ...I'm guessing the Nazi's  I.T. department has struck again. 

Ironic.   Today -- February 1 -- has been dubbed, "Change Your Password Day" .... another holiday proposed some random techie.

Have your heard?   A recent "man-on-the-street" poll in London revealed that 1 out of every 4 persons gave up their personal passwords to a complete stranger in exchange for a chocolate bar!

Now, I'm all for perpetuating on-line security.  No big deal to nidge a vowel here n' there.  Right?

Except, our personal passwords ... at last count, I've 11 of 'em just to perform my job duties each week ... cannot be replicated and, in several cases, must changed every 45 days.   

These crazy combination of letters, numbers and characters defies logic ... particularly since I signed a document a while back promising I wouldn't verbally divulge nor commit a password to printed form.

Not sure how others get around this mandate, but I've discovered an archaic practice (aka, Gregg shorthand) works admirably, especially when combined with (equally archaic) editing shortcuts from h.s. journalism!  

(Olden folks rule -- hee-hee!)

Just curious... did you celebrate CYP Day?    Suppose I'm being overly ambivalent? 


  1. I did celebrate CYP - I think! sandie

  2. Nope...I stick with one or two only because my brain farts so often now that one or two is all I can handle!

  3. I missed this entirely. Though one application at work kept sending me a message and I just kept going. If I knew it was connected to a holiday, I might have answered.


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