Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Reality or illusion?

Tuesday mornings rock!!!

“How so?”, you ask?

The morning after ABC’s The Bachelor, I can always count on several like-minded devotees at my office ready to diss n’ dissect. (With vigor!)

Ranging in age from 60-something to 35, we’re an unlikely fan base. Even some fellows feel compelled to sit in.... tho’ their detachment can be mighty annoying. (“Can’t you at least PRETEND to be outraged?!?”)

Adding to my interest, this season's cast briefly included the great-niece of a friend! (Tho’ early on she had the good sense to remove herself from the tempest.) My friend was really worried: “I sure hope she doesn’t do anything to embarrass the family!”

So, I’m totally ambivalent about “Bachelor Ben” – who’s probably a decade younger than my own son .... yet we love to hate this year’s “mean girl.” (The jury’s out whether Courtney is really wicked, or terribly misunderstood due to sneaky careful film editing.)

Some nights it feels I’m witness to an impending train wreck ... alternately shaking my head or verbally assaulting the TV screen. (Is it really necessary to remind us each week, ”There is only one rose remaining.” .....arrrrgh!)

Yes, there are better things we could be doing for 2 hours each Monday night. But for some silly reason, I’ve been addicted for years. (Critics claim there’s a science behind the public’s fascination with reality TV, but frankly, their explanations sound boooooring.)

Now, I’m IN-eligible .... But wouldn’t it be great fun to see a Golden Girls-type spin-off series, featuring eligibles of a “certain age”!

Just curious ... would YOU ever consider going on a reality show?


  1. Hee hee...then have everyone critique us the way we do them...no way sista! Isn't it fun though, to cuss and discuss the next day???? Love it!

  2. I AM ADDICTED TOO!!!OH MAN, you and I could talk!!!I think she is so wrong....editing or not....I mean come on...she is just so mean!!!!
    I want him to pick Nicky.....but I have read spoiler steve......and I won't spoil it for you if you do not know......I did like seeing the FARM on there last night as we have eaten there!!!!
    Oh my.....let's hope spoiler steve is wrong this time!!!!

  3. My favorite is Big Brother - I love that stinkin show. Hehe - not sure I would be on it! sandie

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  5. never seen the show but it sounds like a fun and great escape.

  6. would I ever consider going on a reality show?

    NOWAY! :)


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