Monday, February 13, 2012

Little Things ....

Happy "day before"!

Have to admit, I'm sometimes suspicious of the (unspoken) obligation that comes with certain holidays. And, I suspect DH and I are both at our wits ends what to DO, to mark Valentine's Day. 

He knows better than to bring chocolates or roses; "bling" and I don't speak the same language.
Now a foot rub? ...or popcorn for supper?  Color me, Happy!

Not sure why it seems appropriate to the occasion -- but I chortled out-loud when this line appeared in a recent e-mail:

Home is where everybody goes when they get tired of being nice to people.

"When was the last time I bothered to freshen my face before heading home?"  or,  .... "Why didn't I pause to empty my mind's 'trash can' at the workplace back door?"

Now, it's a blessing to realize DH actually listens to me.  He accepts, "just as I am."  
But!  Looking back, it doesn't seem so long ago that Insecurity Monster (whose grown old along with me), wouldn't dare allow me show my true colors ... or gosh-forbid, an un-made face!

There's gotta be a middle ground!
And I recall, it's those Little Things that mean the most.  

A friend once related a story of waking one morning to discover her toothbrush laid out ~ with paste already applied!  
I'm not sure why that tale has stuck in my mind, but it goes to show how thinking outside the box ... smiling at a stranger ... or volunteering a compliment might brighten someone's day.  

And doesn't it feel so good?

Before closing, I'd like to share a favorite, personal Valentines experience:

A loooooong time ago (in another life, it seems), I'd been growing impatient with the status quo of a relationship that seemed to be going nowhere.   A phone call mid-day, simply stated I had a surprise waiting.

Come 5:00, I rushed home and up the stairs to my tiny apartment.  Threw open the front door ... nothing.   Senses on high alert, I peeked in the bathroom.  Nothing.  Hugging the wall, I spun into the bedroom.  Nothing.

Literally!   Where my furniture once stood, there was a hand-written note:  "If you want to sleep in your own bed tonight, you'd better get over here."   We were married a few weeks later.

Have you a favorite or a funny Valentine's memory?   I'd love to hear!

...Meanwhile, thank you for being my Valentine's blessings, every day of the year!



  1. Great post. Informative and very, very funny! Have a wonderful Valentines' Day! Thanks for dropping by yesterday and leaving a comment. Charlotte and I celebrated a day early but we are going to see The Vow this afternoon. I will post on my blog later today.........I thought of you when I saw a message on FB from ACU that they would be playing a football game against McMurry after 41 years. The last time they played was September 11, 1971.

  2. Aww, how nice. You are a Valentine blessing to me too! I like your story. I can't top that!

  3. Just wanted to stop by and say - Happy Valentine's Day. sandie♥

  4. You're kidding! Now, that is a man who woos a woman! Who could say no to a proposal like that?

    I'm so glad you said YES.

  5. Mev, I love how your mind works!!!


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