Saturday, January 28, 2012

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I've several moments (and whacky thoughts), each competing for a share ...
then spotted a gem in this morning's mail ..... and thought you might enjoy it as well.  

Here's just an excerpt from Steve Goodier's "newsletter of life, love and laughter" .....

"I know that I may accomplish a great deal every day. I may do the right things, but am I doing the best things? To borrow language from author Stephen Covey, do I put first things first?

I can relate to the man who believes he spends too much of his time in meetings. "I have this recurring nightmare," he says. "My wife and children are gathered at the cemetery for my funeral. After the service, the funeral director approaches my weeping family and hands them a box containing all my earthly possessions. In the box are 35 years of my annual calendars and diaries. I read over their shoulders as they scan the appointment notes that kept me busy for
so many years. It occurs to me how seldom anything of significance was ever accomplished at those gatherings. I turn to look at my tombstone. The epitaph reads, "Daddy has gone to another meeting."

That man could be me. I need to regularly ask myself, "In my most significant relationships, in my work and in my free time, in all areas of my life, am I doing what is truly important? Important to me? I do the mundane. I do the urgent and the pressing. But do I spend enough time with what is actually significant?

I once made this demonstration to an audience. I filled a large, clear jar with coffee beans almost to the top. The beans, I said, represent all of the activities we accomplish in a day. Then I produced two golf balls. "These," I said, "represent a couple of the truly important things in our lives." I asked them to think of the golf balls as time spent with a significant person, such as a family
member, or doing something special for somebody else, or developing
their spiritual life or just beginning that project they keep putting off. I placed the balls on top of the beans then tried to screw on the lid. I couldn't do it. There were too many beans in the jar.

"Does this remind you of a typical day?" I asked. "We're so busy doing the usual we can't seem to squeeze in anything else."

I emptied the jar and started over. "But what if we put first things first? What if we start each day doing something special, something we truly WANT to do? I placed the golf balls into the jar first.

Then I poured in the coffee beans - all of them. They fell neatly around the balls and filled the jar to the top. When I screwed on the lid it fit perfectly.

And that's the secret to building the kind of life you want. I've discovered that if I can begin every day with one or two things that are important to me, the other stuff still fits into place just fine.

I don't want to just do all of the RIGHT things and never get around to the BEST things. And I certainly don't want my life summed up in the sentence, "Daddy has gone to another meeting." So I handle the golf balls first. And in comparison, everything else is just beans."

-- Steve Goodier


  1. Thanks for sharing this thought provoking insight.

  2. It is true - we have to look at all times to see what we are filling our jar of life with. love, sandie

  3. I just love your analogy......and what a great way to look at living life. sending you a ton of hugs and hope this week shines for you.

  4. This is great. I go to a lot of meetings and will be happier to go to a lot less very shortly. In fact, it may take me several years to start going to meetings after I retire.

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  6. HI!!
    I deleted this comment, Hopefully you get them in your e-mail section!!!For reasons that......well just in case some one reads my comments that should not read them!!I know I said Nothing bad, but would never want it to be mis-read.
    HUGS and Love,

  7. I agree with this completely,and I have see someone do the coffee bean analogy. It's very convicting. Even "churchy" meetings are just meetings if they don't accomplish the BEST thing.

  8. I meant "have seen" not have see.
    It's still early...

  9. What a terrific post! Thanks for sharing this one!


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