Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Simple Pleasures - Old Towels

It's that time again!   Go back, deep inside, to that which makes your soul smile.  It's actually easy ... remembering Simple Pleasures!

Yes, I’m often intimidated by inanimate objects. For example,

SaranWrap is not my friend ….
~ nor are linen slacks 
…..or pretty towels.

Towels, you say?

You know … those with an impossibly smooth finish, boasting satiny trim.  I once spent a weekend with a friend whose guest bath contained these objects d’art.  Honest, I was inclined to use their T.P. to remove my makeup!

What shouts, “Comfort!” around our house are several aged, nubby towels— worn from too many wash cycles -- thirsty critters, unafraid of the occasional lipstick stain, grubby palms, what-have-you.

Of course, they go into hiding when “proper folk” stop by! 
These excerpts from an olden magazine pretty well define what I’m trying to express:

To be in fashion, a towel must be new; and I find that I have very little affection for my towels until they are old.”

Company towels? Have them better than the family towels, if you please; but be sure to have the family take the “new” off. This may be hard on the family, but the wiping guest will love you more and leave behind a blessing instead of a reproach!”


  1. So true! When you try to dry off with some new towels, they don't soak up a thing. Towels that have been worn in do a fine job of drying you off. :) Best wishes for your Thursday. Tammy

  2. This makes me laugh because it is so true!

  3. Have you looked in my bathroom? I wear towels down to threads. Just threw out one that I got in the early 1970s.

  4. Oh, I just love this post! I've been that guest where the towels were so new I practically had to air dry! Give me that old and easy to hold -used up and wonderful non-company towel lol!
    Great simple pleasure.


  5. This post made me smile. :-)

  6. I just love seeing what shows up each week at this party, and I love the uniqueness of this one--old towels, a simple pleasure. Isn't that the truth?

  7. know how to live! Comfort IS the name of the game...once all the game playing stops!

  8. this really made me smile...worn in..comfortable...not afraid to use. I'm with you...

  9. I would never have thought about this simple pleasure, but you have hit upon a wonderful one!
    I have a trusty stack of worn out and frayed washcloths that I ALWAYS grab to use as well as some ...ahem... matching hand towels.

    And come to think of it, I will look through the pile of bath towels in the linen close for a certain one every time and hope to find it clean.

    Great one.
    So true. So true!

    I really, really love the Simple Pleasures party. It give me new perspective every week.

  10. I favor my old towels *so* much more than my new ones. The new ones are strictly for company! I've been guilty lately of having to cut lots and lots of frayed edges off...nothing like a wet fray hitting you down on the calf as you get out of the shower to scare you out of your skin! Ha! This is a fabulous post! I totally relate. (I think back to my house growing up. I don't think I ever witnessed my mom buy a single new towel. Here I thought it was just a familiarity thing for me. SO glad to know I'm not the only one!)

  11. Now this is a simple pleasure and I love it--tomorrow morning when I shower I will not take my old towels for granted!


  12. Love this...and it's so true. I hate fancy towels, give me my old towels anyday of the week. Great simple pleasure. One we don't usually thing about. I'll never look at my towel the same. :)

  13. Remembering Simple Pleasures! What good advice.
    Thank you for the reminder. ~Ron

  14. Oh my goodness - I love my old towels too. They ae such a comfort! sandie

  15. I also love the old towels and I have my favorite one. It's soft and comfortable - a simple pleasure.

  16. How true! Great post... dee dee

  17. my old towels are good! Well, I have been in fashion a while now, since my towels are very old!!!

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