Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hurray for Hollywood!

Do you enjoy going "out" to the movies?   Since the arrival of Netflix, I’m thrilled that “date night” translates to pj’s and wings in front of our own television…. no muss, no fuss!

As is often the case, a coworker and I began our Monday, discussing our favorite movies and performances.

Neither of us is particularly fond of “pretty boys” – aka' Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise – so there was no bloodshed, scratching, hair-pulling.  :)
I'll admit, their names are synonymous with box-office gold. But, are their performances particularly memorable? Maybe. I don’t want to get into a spitting contest over something I’m sure not qualified to debate!

So, hands-down, my favorite actor is Tom Hanks.   For instance ... how many actors can perform for 90 minutes opposite a volleyball… and still suck you in? Remember that scene in Castaway when “Wilson” floated away? I wept like a baby -- over an inanimate object …. go figure!

How about you?  Has a special movie moment given you pause that lasts and lasts?
....Just curious!


  1. Good Morning Sweetie...
    Oh I loved this write this morning. So true.

    I loved Tom Hanks in Castaway. I kept praying he could swim fast enough to get him back. We were right there with him that water. I also loved him in BIG. The magical carnival wishing machine that changed him. The scene where he ordered all those games for his apartment, and took that girl there, and he said he wanted to sleep on top. She said okay. Only at the time she didn't realize he meant bunk beds. He had a set of bunkbeds. That was truly heart warming. I love it that Tom selects heart tugger movies. I mean what about Forrest Gump? Another great one.

    Oh you have my mind swimming today sweetie. I love it. Thank you for sharing with me.

    Hope you have a beautiful day today. We are in for another HOT one.

    Love ya girl. Many country hugs and much love, Sherry

  2. We just went to see Salt last weekend - there were hardly any words and it was jammed pack with action. It was good, but . . .

    I love to laugh a little bit better.


  3. I love John Travolta. Enough said.

  4. I don't care for pretty boys. We used to watch movies at home, too.

  5. Jim and I have said for a long time that Tom Hanks is the new Jimmy Stewart. He's a wonderful actor, and there isn't one movie that has been a dissapointment to us, ever.
    I've been bringing home the Hercule Poirot series from the library each week lately, and we just love those to pieces. Popcorn, jammies, and corgi kids are our favorite weekend activity anymore. Does this mean we're getting old?
    Oh well, who cares!

  6. Daniel Craig, who's the new James Bond, is my new favorite. I'll see him in just about anything. And I love Jimmy Stewart! One of the high points of my life was seeing him in "Harvey" with Helen Hayes, when I was in college. I went with my mother and we talked about it for years. What a great memory.


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