Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Where the Grass is Greener Still

Do you enjoy living where you do?
In a recent survey detailed by Charles Osgood, almost half of us are living some place that we’d rather not! I think that's rather sad. Osgood states, “We’re a pretty restless bunch, we Americans. Regardless of where we are living, between 40-50% of us think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.”

Obviously, the ideal place to live differs with different people … different ages … different genders.

Twenty-some odd years ago I was feeling restless; thoroughly prepared (so I thought) to relocate to the U.S. Virgin Islands. Even went so far as to meet with a real-estate agent and tour a few properties in St. Thomas during our ship’s lay-over. Now THAT was a reality-check. Happy not to have sold the farm!

Today, much older (not to be confused with wiser), I’ve been guilty of only occasionally falling into a “What might be?” reverie. 99.9% of the time I'm tickled pink to be where I'm at.

Several weeks ago, DH and I elected to use the gift certificate his son had given us, for a ride aboard the Verde Canyon Railroad, some 100 miles north in Clarkdale. (Unfortunately, I’d misunderstood driving directions as, “Clarksville” and poor hubby was forced to endure my rendition of the Monkees’ “Take the Last Train” throughout the drive.) Anyway…..

Soon off the I-17, I was sitting up a little straighter, looking this way and that. Not halfway through Cottonwood, I was already smitten with its old-fashioned, old-west atmosphere.

Never mind the train! I was inclined to pull up a chair outside the Little Daisy Motel; to mosey down the street for a DQ Dilly Bar. I wanted to load a trailer with all our earthly belongings and move … to where the grass seems greener.

Of course, reason prevailed. The train was great fun. Still, we hope to return for a jaunt one of these days, and I’ll get to “mosey” to my heart’s content….or, at least ‘til Monday morning rolls back around.

I thought this line from one of Sue Kroupa’s songs was spot-on:

Have you ever really noticed, that no matter where you go, and despite the things you try to leave behind, that when you finally get there and you pause to analyze…., well the only thing worth changing is your mind!


  1. For many years, I thought about leaving Southern California to return to my roots in the heartland. Now I'm here in Central Missouri and I am content, but I really could do without the mosquitoes and humidity. The grass is greener here but there is a stark beauty in the sparseness of the southwest that I miss.

  2. I do this so often than now I only tell my hubby the places I DON"T want to move to:)

  3. I've often thought living in your area would be ideal but we just spend time in winter.


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