Saturday, August 29, 2009

Good morning, S/S friends!

Here I go again, borrowing from my daily meditations "sidekick." This one struck a chord for me; perhaps it will for someone else? It’s my “today” wish that each of you experience brand-new reasons to smile and give thanks.

The difficult spells in our lives come to an end. And no matter the depth of our disturbance, we will survive.

We forget that the depths teach us how to better appreciate the heights.
Sorrow heights joy. Depression heightens laughter.

We wouldn’t know the joys and laughter, were it not for the sorrows.

In them we learn to be patient, waiting for the wisdom, which will light our way. In them we learn to listen for the Guidance that beckons us forth.

We must reflect on the troubling experiences we’ve passed through of late.
They made us wiser, they gave us strength.

They changed us, moving us ever closer to the men and women, whole and happy, we desire to be.
Difficulties often precede enlightenment.

They pull us inward; perhaps push us to search for our connectedness to God, and connectedness that is at home in our hearts.

The paradox is, that these painful periods strengthen our oneness with Spirit.

If the day looks bleak, I will accept it as a hand reaching toward me, to pull me forward, to secure my place in the Spiritual family.


  1. So true! Yes, it is a paradox that we gain so much from our pain. It often takes time to realize the value of the difficulties of life. Thank you for posting. Have a great evening.

  2. If we didn't have rain, then we wouldn't have flowers.

  3. What a wonderful meditations! I'm glad that you shared this today.I enjoy reading those daily meditation books.
    Have a wonderful Sunday,

  4. Hi Myra,
    Wonderful words of wisdom! If not for the valleys, we would not be able to appreciate the mountain tops! Thanks for sharing and enjoy a wonderful Sunday. I have started a new blog which has taught me a lot about what you have shared with us today. If you would like to take a peek at it, the link to "Spirit Song" is


  5. Soooooooooooooooo true---very good.

  6. Powerful words and so true. I get through our days by remembering that someone else is worse off or has a more difficult circumstance than we do.

  7. beautiful. We must have the valley in order to have the mountain tops.

  8. What a beautiful post dear one.

    Just stopping by from Spiritual Sundays. Delighted in my visit.

    If you have a prayer request or a passion to battle on your knees, I invite you to the battle at my blog.

    Blessings from Costa Rica,
    Sarah Dawn

  9. So true, and I love the rainbow picture. My mother used to say she could always find someone worse off than she was whenever she was going through trials and pain. Thank you for the timely post.

  10. It is so important to remember that sorrows are part of life, too. And they do make us appreciate the good times, but I like the oneness with the Lord I feel when I'm so dependent on Him. Have a great Sunday, my friend!

  11. Hi,
    Yes, in this prozac driven society, we have lost sight of the fact that it normal & natural to be happy over some things & to be sad over some things and even to suffer because of some things. Without these natural ebbs & flows in life , we cannot appreciate when we are happy or learn the life lessons that God is trying to teach us.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog & leaving the sweet comment . Have a Blessed week. 8-)


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