Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Crazy Little Thing

I’m not especially eager to talk about our own medical bumps-in-the-road .... to give an “organ" recital, so to speak. Still, I wanted to take a chance that someone might see this and think, “What if?”

Bit-o background: Shortly after DH and I wed in '04, we made appointments for routine physicals. At that time, quite by accident and sans any symptoms, they discovered hubby had bladder cancer. Fast-forward and thank God, his last two (annual) scans have come back clean!

But, a while back he began occasionally experiencing double vision. Then in March of this year, abnormal heart rhythms mandated his having to wear a monitor. Next came the tremors and referral to a neurologist.

The specialists were cordial enough; they appeared passionate -- but given the results, or lack thereof, they were clueless. Meanwhile, DH has dropped 30+ lbs. despite eating calorie-laden goodies round the clock. Worrisome, yeah!

Finally, our PCP asked to do another series of blood tests, and discovered DH was suffering from nothing more significant than Graves disease, or over-active thyroid! Every one of his symptoms, including increased irritability (that I’d chalked up to stress) is a symptom of thyroid disease.

So, last week’s confirmation by another “ologist” was/is an enormous relief. They’ll control (not correct) with medication. Better living through chemistry!

What’s odd, and why I felt compelled to post … I always thought thyroid disease was a “ladies-only” malady. My SIL’s doctor says it’s so common among women, that he expects to see Synthroid put in the water system some day. Yet, it remains one of the most often UNdiagnosed bug-a-boo’s around!

I like to think that these experiences have made us more empathetic to those suffering from far more serious issues. Color us … grateful.


  1. Myra ~ thank you so much for visiting my blog*! I am so sorry to hear of your hubby's illness, but so thankful it wasn't a cancer relapse*! Thank God*! I hope he is on the road to recovery now and will be feeling better soon. Please don't be a stranger to my blog, as I sure will be coming back to visit yours*! Have a lovely evening.... _Ashley*

  2. Very interesting - for all of us! Thanks.

  3. I had the surgery over forty years ago! Yep had my throat slit virtually ear-to-ear! Now I take synthroid every day.

  4. My family reunion this week has had me so busy that I am just now trying to catch up on about two weeks of blogs that I am behind on.

    So sorry to hear of your husbands problems. I will add him to our family pray list. And hope that he makes a speedy recovery.

    Synthroid is a way of life for several in my family. I had two Aunts (now passed) who first had the surgery eons ago, and it is now into the third generation as two of my sisters and a niece have been added to the list.

    Every doctor that has ever seen me has wanted to test me for the opposite problem. I was born with what the kids who loved to tease me back in elementary school liked to call "bug eyes." Plus, I have a lot of the other symptoms of an overactive thyroid. Have always tested negative, thankfully. And, with time I have grown to fit my eyes so they are not so prominent anymore which was another good thing.

  5. Which just goes to show that medicine is still an art, not a science -- and patients and parents are their own best advocates. Never give up when you know something is off-kilter; some doctor somewhere will ultimately figure it out, as you have seen.


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