Monday, August 24, 2009

The Foreign-Exchange Student

There's a new kid in town!
Meet Tuffy, a gangly, four-legged goofball (aka, Wheaton Terrier), down from the mountain in Paradise Valley.

I really think DH believed it a “win-win” situation for everyone when he offered to puppy-sit last month. His recently widowed mistress (the dog’s, that is!) is a long-time customer/friend who desperately needed to get away for a few weeks. By the same token, we’ve missed crazy Brewster’s presence; and presumed Caraleigh would be ecstatic at the idea of having a playmate.
….Not! Let’s just say, she was under-whelmed.

At first sniff, Tuffy made a cursory inspection of his new premises, retreated to a corner in the bedroom ….and stayed. Obviously homesick, he seemed totally uninterested in public relations; in taking nourishment. His own doggie gruel was summarily rejected, as if it contained cyanide! Finally, I felt compelled to sit cross-legged before him, my palm filled with doggie meal, coated with cottage cheese.

Without being terribly graphic, Tuffy’s done almost everything a canine’s NOT supposed to do while indoors -- including beheading several of Caraleigh’s stuffed babies. Before placing a distress call to The Dog Whisperer, we stepped up our efforts to comfort and cajole. Hubby and I each thinking but leery to admit, this may have been a Mistake. How many days are there in August again?

I’m tickled to report that little by little, Tuffy has come out of his shell. He’s become a happy, bouncy … and yes, hungry 2-year-old, with a penchant for pizza crust and steak.

His “mama” is due to return from Europe next week. In turn, our days and nights will be calmer; certainly cleaner! Still, I feel a bit like Henry Higgins lamenting, “I've grown accustomed to her face! (S)he almost makes the day begin!”

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  1. We too tried another dog to keep Caesar company while we were at work. A big mistake. Buddy was a puppy, not yet nudered. He constantly tormented Caesar, following him around nipping him on the neck and ears.

    Fortunately, a coworker was looking for a puppy for her daughter and took Buddy. I guess you don't know until you try.


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