Saturday, June 6, 2009

To Everything There is a Season

Could it be? After nearly 7 years in the Valley of the Sun, have I finally acclimated?

Stepping out back last evening, I paused. Is that a shiver? About, face… back inside, to trade my sleeveless tank for long sleeves. Never mind that the therms read 80-something; that DH’s Midwestern cousins regarded me so strangely!

So long now, I’ve professed to desparately Dislike the extreme heat -- leaving more than one person to wonder, why I elected to move here in the first place? Simply, the “WOW” factor far outweighs any periods of discomfort. Sounds like a tired cliché, but the mountains and desert landscape call to my heart like the fabled Lorelei.

Last year I had a particularly vivid nightmare ~ odd in itself, since I don’t normally dream -- or at least, I don’t remember:
The media, broadcasting emergency dispatches: “130-degrees by sun-up -- and climbing.” …. Fire engines being dispatched to hose the syrupy asphalt. Me, imploring hubby, “We must run!”

Belatedly, I’ve come to realize that all the belly-aching in the world won’t change a whit! Instead, I try and focus on how very fortunate we are …. on our military men and women who stoically endure far more (unimaginable) extremes.

Rather than dread the summer’s sunrise, I evoke a favorite Unity prayer: “The Light of God surrounds us, the Love of God enfolds us.” (Never mind that sometimes His hug's a tidge too warm.)

And finally, I wonder how can any Believer in the Hereafter not be inclined to “clean up their act” after experiencing summer in Phoenix? What a divine prompt!

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  1. I've never experienced summer in your area. We reach 40's (about 110) some summers but it's usually for shorter periods.It's great for swimming though.


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