Thursday, June 18, 2009

How do you write? Is there a special nook you frequent?... a certain time of day?

When I first discovered “blog-land” last summer it was such a Treat, touring the crazy array of sites!

Several leave me feeling I’ve just concluded a leisurely visit across the kitchen table. (Sigh!) Others manage to pack more Feeling into a few concise paragraphs than I could hope to produce in 2-3 pages! Gotta confess, it was several weeks before I overcame my inhibitions; to realize, blogging isn’t about rules; nor is it a competition.

I once attended a workshop where students were compelled to take pen in hand and write quickly, consistently for five minutes. “Don’t stop to think. Just write!”
OK, I understand this can be an effective way of unleashing one’s thoughts. Still, I was revolted …“Wait! I can’t DO this!”

Heck, I’m the gal who’s been known to compose a script before leaving a voice-mail. Too, I can’t escape the urge to edit as I go. (Thank you, Journalism 101!)

Given my handwriting, keyboards are a Godsend! … Not slowing to draw pretty letters, still trying to suck up to the 5th grade teacher who gave me a “D” in penmanship when my arm was outfitted in a fat plaster cast. (Really.)

It seems I get my best ideas in the morning. Unfortunately, my employers don’t pay me to blog … LOL! So, during my 45-minute commute I’ll often grab the cell phone and voice catch-words into voice-mail .... and hope the muse stays inspired (ie, awake!) later that evening.

Excuses, all. I long to be more spontaneous. But heck, I’ve longed to be a lot of things, and most of them weren’t worth upset.

Reckon one of the best pieces of advice came from the friendly folks at Nike who once urged us, “Just DO it!”

Know what? This is a blast!


  1. You got it! Just do it! And you do it very well! You are right, it is exciting. Keep it up.

  2. You had a mean-spirited 5th grade teacher!


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