Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Name Game!

Won't you tell me of your name?

Dunno why, exactly, but I’ve long held a fascination re. given names…. how one came to be dubbed, the cycles of “popular” names, etc.
I even once wrote a term paper (back in the Dark Ages) re. the origin of names.

Speaking for myself, I spent my adolescence secretly scorning my parents’ lack of imagination. (I was named for my mother, with the first and middles reversed). Oh, but I wanted to be a “Debbie” or “Jeannie” or “Suzie” ….something cool and saucy sounding!

Nowdays, I rather enjoy that my name’s uncommon … except when called, “Myrna” or “Ira” – at least once a week.
Allright ….I suppose people don’t do this intentionally; rather, they don’t take time to LISTEN.

My father’s biggest pet peeve was when others consistently misspelled/mispronounced both his first and last names. They were unusual, yes … but hardly ethnic or lacking vowels. Another time, a co-worker was quick to point out, “My name is Deborah”, shortly after we’d met and I called her “Deb.”

……..The list could go on and on!

How about you? Do you like your name? Were you to adopt an alias, what would you call yourself?


  1. I have always like my name (Monica) but one time a dentist told me I should have been named Monique...that sounded interesting and I was not happy to share my name with Monica Lewinski (misspelled).

  2. LOL We named our daughter Debra. She called herself, "Debi" during her teen years, but now an adult, she's reverted back to "Debra." She hates it because it's so common, and she's named her children rather uncommon names. I suppose we're never really pleased.

  3. When I learned the meaning of my name, Mary, I cringed: bitter. Then I researched it. It is Hebrew and the deeper meaning is bitter herbs used for healing. Now I like it.

    Thank you for your nice comment on my blog. I hope you will enjoy Chicago this fall and I hope you will tell me all about it! I'm very interested!

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by. I loved meeting you and knowing that, at one time, you lived out here in West Texas.
    Your post today is very interesting. I am old enuf that I was called by both names, Betty Jean,by school friends and some of my family. except for my immedient family..I was and am Jeanie to all of them. To hubby and friends, I'm simply known as bj..
    Come back to see me anytime..I'll be back, for sure.
    xo bj


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