Monday, June 22, 2009

The Arizona desert is full of creatures, large and small, that might present a challenge to humans.
Most are willing to share the desert, but like all animals in nature, if threatened they will fight back.

To that end, we must constantly caution our guests not to feed the wildlife. Heck, I have to keep reminding MYSELF!

I received these pictures just a few days ago. This person's home backs up to the Union Hills Golf Course in Sun City. She took these pictures of the first baby coyotes born there this year, about the middle of May. No matter what the species, aren't all babies cute?

Time to go home, children!


  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures of the little coyotes. I had a bear in my back yard a couple of times, where I used to live. Actually, I must say that the new development was in the bears' back yard.

  2. Ooo, I hope no little poodles are left in the yard!

  3. Our area of town is so populated now that we do not see too many "wild" animals. Humans maybe, but not animals. A few years back I did come face to face with a bobcat one dark night when I was walking through the churche's prayer garden....I pray that you will have a safe and plesant trip Wednesday.

  4. We have many coyotes in our area but I've never seen babies. Good pic.

  5. Florida is a great state and I enjoy going there. But we are glad you are back safe and sound in the state of Arizona.


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