Thursday, May 7, 2009

Stupid is as Stupid Does

A few posts back, I poked fun (perhaps unfairly) at the individual who complained in writing that our reservations team refused his request for “ocean-front” accommodations.

…which got me to thinking how many, many stupid things I’ve done. (Wince.) Obviously, there’s too many to chronicle, but a couple stand out:

Before the fast-food giant became known solely by its initials (thus saving on plastics and neon?) … I once helped prepare a last-minute proposal to their ad shop. Atop each page, my bold-typeface header read, “Kentucky Fried Children.” (Oops.)

Believing it would be “easy” money to assume a second, part-time job chauffeuring for a limo service. This, from a gal who’s never, ever parallel parked! That, and I never use(d) outside mirrors - preferring instead to swivel my neck like the kid in The Exorcist. Needless to say, that sideline job didn’t last very long. (But I still got to keep the snazzy tuxedo!)

Head bowed in humility, this is why I adore “uh-oh’s” like the following … and perhaps, will gain more tolerance towards others’ foibles.

Civil War planes? Lemme know how that works out!


  1. Good post - thanks for the smile.

  2. I couldn't begin to enumerate all the stupid things I've done! I love the limo driver story! Do you ever wear the tux? A party maybe?

    Your post of stories of every day goodness and kindness made me cry..there is hope for the world:)

  3. Those children are yummy! LOL


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