Friday, May 22, 2009

Customer Service?

DH and I don't eat out often. When we do, it's usually a late breakfast at Mimi's or his fly buddies' gathering each Friday at Deer Valley Airport. Yes, both offer good food. But what's more important (to me, at least), is their customer service and attention to detail.

Please don't get me wrong ... I'm not hard to please. In fact, I've a real soft-spot for servers; I'm inclined to over-tip -- remembering my former mother-in-law who put all 5 of her children through college largely by waiting tables.

I can't even imagine trying to walk that high-wire myself.... copiously scanning for non-verbal clues ... attentive without being intrusive. Whew!

Here’s a little essay one of my co-workers brought to the office. I think it’s great; ‘hope you do, too!

Remember Me?

“I’m the person who asks, ‘How long is the wait?’
You tell me ten minutes .. but it gets very late.

I’m the person who sees:
The whole staff loiters
While my waitress does everything but take my order.

I’m the person who says:
“That’s not what I ordered .. but it’s O.K. I’ll eat it anyway.”

I’m the person who should write a negative letter,
But feel it wouldn’t make anything better.

Yes, you might say that I’m a good guy … that I understand that you kind of try.
But, please read on and you will see .. there’s another side of me.

I’m the person who never comes back
Because of something you tend to lack.

It amuses me to see you spending thousands of dollars on ads, in an effort to get me back into your place,
When you hardly even remember my face.

In order to keep me returning, I have but one simple little request …
When I am here all you have to do is
Give me the Service I’m entitled to.”

--(Author unknown)

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