Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Perfect Day

Will I ever learn? A perfect day can’t be realized by intent alone!
For example….

Back in March, I announced Plans to celebrate my Perfect birthday-day. Since our agenda didn’t include jumping out of a perfectly good airplane or ascending Camelback on foot, there was little cause for concern.
Cell-phones, check. Debit card, check. We’re out-a here!

Still, I’d forgotten one critical ingredient - Attitude.

Arriving at A Second Look, I practically leaped out the passenger side …racing to claim that lighting fixture which had so besotted me a few weeks back. It was Gone.
I'd forgotten one of the most important commandments of consignment shopping: Act now, or forever hold your might-have-beens.

Just.Stood.There. As if Glaring at the spot would make it magically re-appear.
And, like an approaching blanket of rain, every ounce of enthusiasm was over-taken by honest-to-goodness despair. No, I wasn’t interested in exploring the rest of the store, and no I didn’t give a hoot where we ate. (Given that Eating is one of my favorite pursuits, DH sensed Trouble.) Sure ‘nuff, I got just what I deserved: a mediocre-at-best, something-or-another on wheat, served by a lad with a surly expression. I think the day went down-hill from there … thankfully, we’ve forgotten and moved on.

More recently, I was faced with a dilemma: What to do with several days off work, entertaining out-of-town family members.
OK, Scottsdale’s always a safe bet. We’d begin at the Borgata where DH took me right off the plane, introducing me to a fab patio café and what-on-earth are those(?!?) --mister systems! Well, guess what? Sometime in the last 2-3 years, “our” alfresco café disappeared.
Yet, the courtyard was abuzz with Friday Marketplace goings-on, and……. what’s that shop over there? Two, three spins around Two Plates Full … I couldn’t have been happier than a 5-year-old at DisneyLand. (Save shopping for after we’ve won the Lottery.) Quick spin through Trader Joe’s ..Oh! I’d quite forgotten Two-Buck-Chuck!..... then hopped over to Village Peddler for a burger-from-Heaven before brother-in-law passes out from hunger.
Quick spin south to squeeze new grandson, then safely back home.

Unscripted … it was the Perfect Day.

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