Saturday, April 11, 2009

OK, I’ve learned a few truths in the last couple weeks:
Do not, under any circumstances, simultaneously begin a diet, stop smoking, file taxes, and attempt to remain “Cheerleader-Cindy” in the face of Very.Scary.Health issues... particularly when the recipient of said issues happens to be your own spousal unit.
I don’t much cotton to Pity-Parties, especially when they're my own.

Know what? We’ve come out the other side, unexpectedly and perfectly Blessed.
… yet I just sucked down a Cheddarwurst (OK, two) then "helped" them digest with a smoke out back, watching the poopy-rain and wondering what in the heck I was doing.

All I can make of this is to thank God for granting me yet another mulligan. Suppose I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m all about second chances, new beginnings. Could be, why I’ve always preferred the Sunrise to sunset?
This time of year, I’m really fortunate to be driving east just as Four Peaks are perfectly silhouetted by the new dawn …
Happy New Year... Happy Easter, indeed!

Ya Gotta Have Friends

Interesting … we overheard a spin jockey tell that Dean Martin and John Wayne were actually close personal friends. “My goodness, what do you suppose those two ever had in common?”, I wondered aloud.

Then, reflecting on my own two BFF’s. What do I have in common with Debbie; with Debra? Very little; in fact, we’re almost polar opposites. Still, we laugh -- at the mundane, the unexpected… at each other, at ourselves.

And, they’re 3AM folk: You know, the kind you’d not hesitate to call at any hour of the day or night … and they’d be Right There, not a whit annoyed. (“Right There” being a relative concept, considering the 1000+ miles physically separating us.)

Well, at this stage of my life I’ve several gal-pals and acquaintances … but few friends. By choice. “Precious and Few”, isn't that a song?

Then, when you least expect it? Thanks to, I was totally blown away to get letter from my very first BFF, Kathy … what, we were 6, 7 years old? Then, another e-mail: She was driving over from San Diego in the next few days; might she drop by for a soda? Whoa! …. Whatever will she think of me, of this house, what if we discover we hate one another? Not really, but nervous thoughts all the same… it’s been near 50 years since her family moved away! Will I recognize her?

Let’s put it this way, I’d have picked her out of a Thanksgiving crowd at O’Hare Airport. And I’m reminded of a Judy Collins’ line, “I look in the mirror through the eyes of the child that was me.” Last Sunday’s visit was brief, yet the warmth was immediate. I’ve a hunch that while our lives have taken such different paths, there’s plenty of laughter and hugs in store for us, too!

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  1. What a wonderful story - I am searching for my BF from the 50's. Looks like you two really are connected!


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