Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Where's My Carrot?

Spring has sprung

.... unfortunately, so's the button on my favorite pair of slacks. (Uh-oh.)

Reflecting on previous weight-loss regimens, I used to imagine this giant carrot dangling out in front ... telling me, "hang in there!" More often than not, this apparition was a fella's face, an upcoming vacation, wedding, etc. Remember Twiggy? Think role-model! (Yeah, in my dreams... not even with my lips sewn shut!)

So, suppose I've grown content in the here n' now? DH says he can't tell any difference. (Smart man .. LOL!)

Forgive me, Dr. Atkins. I've sinned against you by thought, drive-through and mouthful. Having shunned carbs for years (decades, actually), I fell off the wagon last spring, big-time. Head-over-teakettle, I've chased after chicken-fried steak, grits and Cheetos ... grinning all the way.

Tho' the good doctor's no-carb philosophy is somewhat controversial, it's always worked for me. Why, discovering my carnivorous habits could be beneficial? No portion control? Wheeeee!

Yes, there must be balance. All things in moderation?

Right now, I've got to get back to Ground Zero and reacquaint myself with my sneakers. This may take some getting used to.... must find that carrot!


  1. Too funny - wasn't it great to be 20-30yr old and just eat anything we wanted?

  2. I'm afraid I've lost the battle of the bulge. Spring though, is good..all that gardening will surely burn off those clinging calories..won't it....I'm just going to Hope so....

  3. I wanted to pop in to send along wishes to you from me...that your Easter holiday be filled with joy and peace.


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