Saturday, April 18, 2009


So far this year we’ve not had to engage our home’s a.c. .. but I suspect it won’t be long now.

Isn't hindsight wonderful? When DH and I first toured model homes, we were so taken by the vaulted ceilings. Not so, a few months later when Summer rolled around …. accompanied by ridiculous utility bills. (Hark!... Is that the sound of APS’ stockholders clapping their hands?)

To add insult to injury, our master bedroom occupies the home’s southwest corner. Anyone from Arizona knows what I’m talking about: Ceiling fans and A/C be darned …. it gets HOT in there!!!

In contrast: My definition of the "Perfect Boudoir" has little to do with décor. Rather, it’s a chilly environment, coupled with several sturdy quilts pulled tight up around my chin.

You see, no matter what time of year, I’m unable to sleep without some sort of cover… a nuance of weight. Several of my friends concur. Is this just a chick phenomenon???

I ask because, DH is perfectly content to count zzzz’s atop the bedcovers. How odd! Amateur psychologist Mevely317 asks, “When you were little, did your parents not tuck you in at bedtime?”

…and so it goes. One evening last summer I returned home, informing DH I’d found my next husband. (...just kidding!) No, I don’t recall a face, but overheard him telling a co-worker his home’s thermostat is set at 65 degrees year-round.

No, of course I don’t covet owing my soul to APS, so we’ve compromised on 78-80-degrees, give or take … and I ready my survival kit: frozen washcloths carefully arranged in Ziplock bags, then discretely slipped inside my pillowcases. Last August, I tried putting my pj’s in the freezer prior to bedtime … but that’s a whole ‘nother story that didn’t work out so well.
Just please, don’t take away my blanket!


  1. I think it is a "woman" thing. I need to feel the weight of covers.

  2. I like my blankie too, pulled right up to my chin. I never thought about it being a gender thing, but at my house it definately is!


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