Monday, April 27, 2009

When I Grow Up

I sure envy those persons who admit to having known, early on, what they wanted to do when they grew up ... then proceeded to do so, exhibiting purpose and passion.

Myself, I’d first nursed ambitions of becoming a veterinarian – then discovered that required lots of science. Cancel that! Years later, I dreamed of becoming a Pulitzer-prize winning journalist, but only progressed as far as (being) a high-school "stringer" for the Albuquerque Journal.

Tho’ unfocused, my own so-called career path has been spent (mostly) happy in supporting roles-- media, accounting and now, hospitality.

But! ….if there’s “another time around” I think I'd sure enjoy being a homicide detective! (Enjoy? Well, that's not exactly the right word.) Still ……

It got me thinking about how funny Life can be. For instance, in my own little corner of the world:

A Vice President began her career as a hotel housekeeper.
Only 20 years ago, our GM was a switchboard operator with Hilton.
We've a former criminologist, a flight attendant, firefighter/paramedic and merchant marine. (Candlestick-maker's pending!)

What circumstances result in these skews? Suppose it's ye-olde money trail? Or, do they (like me) covet finding a warm and welcoming environment?

How about you? Are you living your dream?


  1. Very interesting. My story is not very interesting. Growing up I had all the usual boyhood dreams but when reality set in I wanted to go to Oklahoma University and study psychology. When I was about seventeen I felt called by God to preach and never again thought of anything else......My post today is about your husband's comment about biscuits and gravy.

  2. I think I followed my dream - seems Life was fulfilling.Sounds like your workplace is great.

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